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00o00´N/00o00´E 29,700ha 3,000 (Keoladeo Park), flat 251m 
Hilly with river and manmade lagoons 
October to February (09.02.94) 

Birding Site Guide

This is a temple with reservoir set in gentle rolling hills and is located a couple of hours drive from Keoladeo (see that account) and it is advisable to hire a guide for a few rupees to show the way through the streets and villages and also to look after the vehicle while birding. The main species we saw here is Indian Skimmer, more likely are Indian River and Whiskered Terns. We also found Red-winged Bushlark, Blossom-headed Parakeet, Great Stone Plover also seen were Comb Duck, Brown Rockchat, Dusky Crag Martin, Whiskered Tern.

As you arrive at the reservoir, you cross a big bridge and just beyond that there is a dirt track that leads to a promontory where there were fishermen. This is a good spot for the terns and Red Winged Bushlark. A few kilometres further there is a Palace that sits on a hill overlooking the lake. The road is quite bad here so it is best to park a little way short of the building, this is the place for Brown Rockchat One island viewed from here held the Great Stone Plovers, and there were Skimmers sitting on one of the more distant islands. There is a site by the bridge for Brown Crake although during our visit it was too wet, so we were disappointed. Apparently there is a better site in the lily patches near the railway line that you cross a short distance before reaching the bridge. 

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Author: BSG and Geof Grafton