Some countries will have their own specific page of links on BSG which will be called Country Round-up followed by the country concerned.

Philippines Eagle Foundation

Haribon Foundation

Kalikasan Mindoro Foundation

Burung Indonesia Also see BirdLife pages for more info in English.

Malasian Conservation Society 

21st Century Tiger 

Save The Tiger Fund 

Wild Asia 

Wild Singapore 

Forest Conservation and Biology in Borneo A bibliography of research papers. 

Birding in Taiwan Taiwan has many endemics and is quickly becoming a favourite birding destination. 


Primary Info A cd on how to start a business in medicinal plants, covering every aspect. 

Indian Plants Western countries claiming patents on ancient medicines (bio-piracy) and India’s response to it, producing a 30,000 page encyclopaedia to document all India’s medicinal plants and uses. 

More Indian Plants The medicinal plant industry employs 10 million people in India! click here 

Indian Plants Again International Development Research Centre page for India’s medicinal plants. 

Indonesia medicinal plants A study of the use of medicinal plant in Indonesia. 

Joglosemar Java and Indonesia medicinal plants. 

Borneo World Wildlife Fund link