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Lat:00o00´S/00o00´W 4,000ha topography msl 

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Best Time for visit (April 1997)


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The journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Hua took \Vi hours, and this was on a Sunday, so the traffic was relatively light. We left the hotel at 7.00 am and headed for Nam Cat Tien. Following the Nick Dymond trip report (or so we thought), we took a left turn in the village ofMadagui which was sign posted to Cat Tien. We birded en route and eventually came to a large river at 3.45 pm having driven a total of 192 kms. We realized the distances from Madagui didn't match the trip report, but the village we reached by the river was the real Cat Tien. Nick Dymond wrongly names the village across from Cat Tien headquarters. We didn't cross the river as there was no sign of any headquarters, but instead returned to Madagui and turned north to spend the night in Bao Loc. 

Whilst we had gone wrong, and felt that we had wasted a further day, the area between Madagui and the river actually turned up some good birds that we were to see nowhere else (see Madagui write-up). 

Author: BSG, Geof Grafton