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Charles Hesse 25th November, 2004. This site is just outside Tuxtla and it is just 5-6km from the centre to the national park entrance where a 10 peso entrance fee is payable. Colectivos go much of the way, or you can take a taxi. There are distance markers along the way which correspond to descriptions in the site guide. The lower parts are OK for birding but the best areas are after km16. It is best to have your own transport but not impossible otherwise. Hitching is possible and there are also some short cuts which save a lot of time. The road is very winding so any trails leading up will probably pop out on the road again. There are several miradors along the way with spectacular views. I found the near-threatened Belted Flycatcher at km18. Learn its call and listen out for it. I saw Blue-and-white Mockingbird near here and also Jaguarondi. 55 species including 5 lifers.

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Regis Nossent & Filip Beeldens 02nd & 03rd January 2007. The Sumidero Canyon is quite spectacular, and though we made the mistake to bird the lowers slopes first in the early morning, finding the low forest on the ridge mostly quiet when we got there we still did see quite a few new birds, including a single female Blue Seedeater, an obliging Azure-crowned Hummingbird, a Plain-capped Starthroat, lots of Canivet’s Emeralds, Beryline and Buff-bellied Hummingbirds, White-throated Magpie-Jays, White-lored Gnatcatcher, Streak-backed Orioles, and Banded Wren. Regis caught the tail-end of a single male Slender Sheartail near the restaurant at the top of the canyon. Despite our efforts we couldn’t relocate the bird and it would go down as a miss for me. 

On the way back we made a stop at a garage to finally have the breaks checked, and replaced as they were worn through. 

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