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Best Time for visit (29th September, 2004)


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La Pesca can be visited in a day trip from Ciudad Victoria, a large city with all amenities, although it is 3hr each way on buses. There should be places to stay in Soto La Marina just 1hr from La Pesca but it did not look such a nice place. A bus left the terminal in Ciudad Victoria for Soto La Marina at 07.30. There we had to wait for another bus to La Pesca. On the second bus ride you pass some lakes, one of which was full of egrets, ibis and Roseate Spoonbills. At La Pesca the bus drops you in town but it is another 2-3km to the beach. On this walk, I saw Nashville Warbler and Plain Chachalaca. At the coast, there is a small river mouth where I saw Long-billed Curlew and the main beach with lots of terns and waders, including Piping Plover. The beach looked like it caters for many tourists with lots of umbrella, seats and restaurants. It was deserted when I was there but if you picked the wrong day, it could be full. Avoid weekends and holidays. 50 species including 21 lifers. 

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Author: Charles Hesse