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JUJUY (Compass)

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Best Time for visit (5th August, 2005)


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The Calilegua National Park can be reached fairly easy from Jujuy or Salta. There is only 1 local bus a day leaving Libertador San Martin for Valle Grande passing the park entrance. This leaves at 8am so I had to leave Jujuy at 5:30am. Buses from Jujuy to Libertador are very frequent. The park is 10km along a gravel road from the main road near Libertador. It would also be possible to hitch or get a taxi. There are several trails within the park of various distances and difficulties. I saw Red-faced Guans on the very short trail number 2, White-throated Antpitta on number 3 and Short-tailed Hawk along 4 which is the longest and follows a rocky river bed along. Great Rufous Woodcreeper was seen just across from the Guardaparque. I saw 43 species including lifer. 

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Author: Charles Hesse