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ENTRE RIOS (near Gualeguaychu) (Compass)

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Gualeguaychu is a large town about 3 hours north of Buenos Aires. There are many places to stay and eat. We stayed at Hotel Brutti on Bolivar for 35 pesos for a double including breakfast. Puerto Boca is the name of a place for fishing and camping on the way to Nandubaysal (about 15km). Cross the bridge over the Rio Gualeguaychu. The road passes the park where we saw 2 species of woodcreeper. After 1km there are some reedbeds by the side of the road with Chestnut-capped and Yellow-winged Blackbirds. After 2km you will come to the small town of Pueblo Belgrano. Here the road curves round to the left but turn right going straight on. You will pass lots of bungalows on the left and further on on the right is a meadow with cows that had about 200 Pampas Meadowlarks. The road curves right and left a few times and crosses a river where Green and Amazon Kingfishers were seen. After that on the right were flooded fields with many birds, including Maguari Stork, Rosy-billed Pochard and Large-billed Tern. 12km after the bridge a large sign indicates Puerto Boca down a track to the right. The entrance was blocked by barbed-wire but it was easy to walk around the edge. From here was excellent birding with Ringed Teal, Fulvous Whistling-Duck, Limpkin and Scarlet-headed Blakbird but I didn't see my target species, the Saffron-cowled Blackbird. 1km before the turning was another to the right just after which a Red-winged Tinamou was flushed. After the Puerto Boca turning the paved road finishes and a mud road bears left towards Nandubaysal 3km away. Just after the turning on the right a Rufous-thighed Hawk was seen. I saw 108 species including 11 lifers. 

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Author: Charles Hesse