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This list covers all the Amazon basin's endemics to the base of the Andes in the W, to c.800m, and also N S. America from the mouth of the Amazon to the Panama Isthmuth. It also includes the lowland species of the Tepuis mountains, again to 800m in N Brasil, S Venezuela and the Guyanas (all Tepuis endemics can be found on that BENES list). A few species are included that also range slightly into the mountains of N Colombia by mistake (these will be removed later). The list does not cover scarce species that occur beyond the area outlined, as other BENES list do; this is mainly to try and shorten the already huge list (530 species). Eventually this list will also be presented in its component parts, e.g ‘varzea forest’, ‘Tepuis mountains endemics’, ‘terra firme forest’, ‘river islands’ etc. Endemic refers to Brazil if no other country given.


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Endemic refers to Brazil only, unless otherwise indicated.

EBA067 Amazon flooded forest



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Author: B.P. Wainwright