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Siberia (3,480m) is a small town between Comarapa and Pojo on the Old Highway between Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. Below it towards Comarapa is some good high-elevation Yungas Forest. It is difficult to reach by public transport as buses to Cochabamba from Comarapa only leave in the evening. There is no accommodation in Siberia and no restaurant although there are a couple of very small shops selling cookies and things. Some trucks leave Comarapa in the morning and it is possible to get a ride in the back (Bs 5). I got a ride at about 7am in a truck full of chicken shit. Several trucks pass in the afternoon coming back to Comarapa so getting back is not a problem. It's best to wait by the Siberia/Torresillas taxi stand and question any truck passing. Alternatively a taxi can be hired privately which may be as much as Bs 90. Once in Siberia, start walking back towards Comarapa. Birding is good from the start, with this top area having Red-crested Cotinga, White-browed Conebill and Andean Lapwing as well as many hummingbirds. I saw the endemic Black-throated Thistletail a little further down by an old km 280 (from Santa Cruz) stone. Any forest below this can be good. There are some spectacular views when it is clear. I saw 42 species including 6 lifers. 

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Author: Charles Hesse