MATO GROSSO (Alta Floresta), (far n of state)

00o00´S/00o00´W 184,900ha lowland Amazon forest consisting of terra firme, semi-deciduous, igapo, varzea and some natural grassland 
Protected/registered status 

Birding Site Guide

There are 2 places to stay for this state park, the first Cristalino Jungle Lodge RPPN (private reserve adjoining the state park) is already famous for its bird list and offers luxury accommodation and tours and guides to see the amazing wildlife. It is situated at the junction of the Teles Pires river with the Tapajos River. The other is Floresta Amazônica Hotel.


At Cristalino Jungle Lodge 2 of the trails are the Rocky Trail and the Ficus Trail. There is also a huge 50m canopy tower to observe birds high up easily. 

Info Cristalino Jungle Lodge Floresta Amazônica Hotel

Species Notes

Over 600 species have been recorded at Cristalino Jungle Lodge alone. See the South & East Brazil Forests Biome Endemics & Near Endemics list on BSG (under Neotropics) which covers the Atlantic forest specialties and some others sought after species of other forest types of this area. 

Other Fauna 
A total of -- species of mammals. 

There are -- recorded species of amphibians and reptiles. 


Author: BSG