SÃO PAULO & RIO DE JANEIRO (near), (Compass)

23o26´13S/45o04´08W (Ubatuba), 480,000ha Atlantic forest coastal mountains (Pico do Corcovado) m 
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Birding Site Guide

Most state parks only open during the day and many state parks only open on a weekend, check the info links for visiting times.

Da Serra do Mar is located 232km ne of São Paulo and 310km ese of Rio de Janeiro, and has many points of access, most are located near towns. There are 92 beaches and 23 islands (Ilha) along this 250km part of the coast of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro states, all of which offer not just relaxation but also birding due to the extensive forest cover right to the coast in many parts. The state park is mostly located in São Paulo State. There are 3 popular areas situated along the beaches, Paraty in Rio state and the more popular cove of Picinguaba, where there is a park Station. It is 300km from São Paulo close to the Rio state border, where researchers and tourists can stay in a beach camp site (Itamabuca is famous for its surf). Picinguaba is 47km north of Ubatuba. The third place, further south along the coast is Cubatão city, across from Ilha Bela. High up in the mountains forests on the road towards Tabauté is another popular access area, Station Virgínia, which is 240km from São Paulo and inside the park. This is a very good area to stay and bird. Permission is needed for tourists to stay as it is primarily for researchers, so ask.

The municipality of Ubatuba has 80% of its area contained in the state park and the coastal town of Ubatuba, which lies exactly on the Tropic of Capricorn, itself obviously therefore makes an excellent base for birding the fantastic forested coastal mountains. Some of the main towns, areas and islands of São Paulo State are Ilha Bela, Ilha São Sebastião, Bertioga, Riviera São Lourenço, Guarujá, São Vincente and Caraguatatuba. There is an eco-resort at Itamambuca. The main coast road is the BR101. 

Trails (state park)

Trilha do Picadão da Barra. Trilha Praia Brava Almada. Trilha Jatobá Poço da Rasa Trilha Fluvial Passeio de Bote. 

Trails (Ubatuba) Trilha Cachoeira Água Branca. Trilha do Corcovado. Trilha do Corisco. Trilha da Ponta da Joatinga. Trilha da Praia de Fora. Trilha das Sete Fontes. Trilha da Praia do Sono. Trilha das Cachoeiras de Ubatumirim. 



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Species Over 350 species of bird have been recorded here, many Atlantic forest endemics. See the South & East Brazil Forests Biome Endemics & Near Endemics list on BSG (under Neotropics) which covers the Atlantic forest specialties and some others sought after species of other forest types of this area. 

Other Fauna 
A total of -- species of mammals. 

There are -- recorded species of amphibians and reptiles. 


Author: BSG & Gustavo Toledo