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Best Time for visit (12th-13th November, 2006)


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This private reserve is one of the few places where the critically endangered endemic Bahia Tapaculo has been found. Pedro Lima sorted out my visit with one of his assistants who work there (Zildomar). There is a Centre for the Study of Biodiversity at the Michelin Forest and it has excellent facilities to stay. It is run by an American called Kevin Flesher This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a visit there could be arranged through him. His specialty is mammals and he doesn't know the tapaculo so ask to meet Zildomar (no English). There are 3 areas of forest and the Tapaculo has been found at all of them. The best guide is a man called Manuel who knows the species well. Aswell as the 3 areas of forest, the Panacada Grande waterfall is a must to see. Great Dusky swifts roost beneath it and are best seen at dusk.

Itubera can be reached from Bom Despacho by regular bus. Bom Despacho is reached by regular ferry from Salvador. Beware, there are 2 ferries. This one is known as Ferry Boat (fe-hi bodgie) and leaves from Sao Joaquim. This is quicker and cheaper than going direct by bus from the terminal in Salvador. Itubera is also connected by bus with Ubaitaba, from where buses connect further south. I saw 94 species including 7 lifers

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Author: Charles Hesse