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Birding Site Guide

Shiripuno Lodge is advertising Bird Tours, recently the Huaorani People had training course in Tourism and many of them turn to be very good local bird guides.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to find several rare species and their territories, most of these species are hard to find at any other birding facility along the Napo River.

Shiripuno is basic with no electricity, only candles and the birds that many of the well manicure birding facilities are missing, such as Nocturnal Curassow, Rufous Potoo, Hairy-crested Antbird, Crested Eagle (a confirmed territory), Black Bushbird, Salvin's Curassow, Ochre-striped Antpitta and others.

We had made a little video with some of the photos I took there in last bird trip. BIRD VIDEO SHIRIPUNO LODGE

You can volunteer here see the website for details on everything. SHIRIPUNO LODGE


Author; Jarol Fernando Vaca