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Best Time for visit (19th March, 2006)


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I was lucky enough to visit this site with Fernando Angulo from Cracidae Peru. This is apparently the best place to see the endangered Peruvian Plantcutter. They are common around the 'Arbol Milenario' and easy to find in the morning by following their calls. We also saw Rufous Flycatcher, Cinereus Finch, Mouse-coloured (Tumbesian) Tyrannelet and Streaked Saltator here. Further along the road is a sign for Mirador Las Salinas which is a very dry area with sparser trees. This is a good area for the rare Tumbes Swallow. We also maybe saw Common Miner (identification difficulties). We also checked a rocky hillside nearby where we saw Short-tailed Field-Tyrant and Band-tailed Sierra Finch, the latter, a probable first sighting for the species in the area. I saw 49 species including 3 lifers. 

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Author: Charles Hesse