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CUZCO (Compass)

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Best Time for visit (11th April, 2006)


Birding Site Guide

The town of Huacarpay is easily reached by public transport from Cuzco. Urcos buses leave from Av. de la Cultura accross from Hospital General and take about 45 minutes. From Huacarpay town a road leads off to the right and passes some lakes and wetlands. Follow the instructions in Valqui's guide. This area seems to have been made into a reserve and entrance may be charged in the future. The first flooded area on the left had Black-necked Stilt and Little Blue Heron plus Barn and Cliff swallows perched on the fence on the other side of the road. Further around, some shrubs with tubular yellow flowers start next to a fence. This was mentioned for Bearded Mountaineer but I saw only Green-tailed Trainbearer and possibly Subtropical Doradito. Further on, there is a turn to you right while the road continues and circles back round to Huacarpay. On this road, you pass some ruins where Giant Hummingbird was common. Rufous-fronted Canastero can also be seen in this area. Further round there is a restaurant called Upicancha which had a garden with lots of flowers and was the only place I saw Bearded Mountaineer. The last lake before Huacarpay had Andean Duck. I saw 44 species including 2 lifers.


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Author: Charles Hesse