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Best Time for visit (21st June, 2006)


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Leimebamba is a small town between Celendin and Chachapoyas. I managed to catch a comfortable combi from Balsas on a Tuesday which left at 2pm and cost 20s. There seems to be some form of transport passing along the road most days. Ask locally for more information. The drawback of public transport is that you can't stop along the way to bird. Leimebamba has several places to eat and stay and even a very slow internet cafe. We stayed at a hospedaje on the plaza which was 20s for a double. 

The site near Leimebamba we wanted to visit was a place described in Valqui about 17km from Leimebamba on the way back towards Celendin. There is little traffic along this road but there are taxis in town which could take you up there. Ask to go to 'Hipa�a' which is just a small group of houses. We decided to walk and hitch which meant that we didn't get there until until about 11am which was too late. We got a few rides along the road with cars and trucks. I saw 44 species including 2 lifers. 

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Author: Charles Hesse