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Best Time for visit (13th-15th March, 2006)


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Canchaque is apparently 77km from the turn-off on the Pan-Americana and usually 4 hours by bus. The route below Canchaque was blocked by landslides and buses where passing a different way through El Faique. Canchaque is a small town but has a couple of places to stay and eat near the plaza but no internet. I stayed at Hostal Don Felix (S10). Chestnut-collared Swallows nested under the rooves of town buildings. A spot on the way up to Huancabamba good for birding is Puente Fierro, a disused iron bridge. This is apparently 85km from the turn-off, 8km above Canchaque. This took 2 and a half hours walking up hill (via Palabla) but only an hour and a half using a short cut path (good for Black-cowled Saltator) leading up from the mirador in Canchaque over-looking the church. The area around the bridge has lots of bamboo and Masked Saltator and Grey-headed Antbird have been seen here. I saw neither. Another spot mentioned was 4km and a couple of bends further on. I found the best spot was about 500m past the bridge overlooking a slope downhill. Here I saw some mixed tanager flocks including Fawn-breasted, Rufous-chested Tanagers and Piura Hemispingus. Between where the short-cut path comes out and the bridge I saw Rufous-necked Foliage-gleaner. White-winged (Paynter's) Brush-finch and Three-banded Warbler were common all the way down to Canchaque. Whilst waiting for a landslide to be cleared near the top of the road (about 2800m), I saw White-browed Spinetail with chicks just left the nest (nest and chicks photographed). At a river-crossing on the way back to Piura, 3 Comb Ducks were seen flying over. I saw 53 species including 8 lifers.

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Author: Charles Hesse