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Best Time for visit (29-30th May, 2005)


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Laguna de Rocha can be accessed from Rocha or better from La Paloma. La Paloma is easily reached though by regular buses from Rocha. Both places have a number of places to stay. The cheapest place we could find in Rocha was Hotel Municial one block South of the plaza with a double for 420 including breakfast. From La Paloma there is a track to the lake but it doesn't seem passable in a car, instead take a turning a few kms north of La Paloma on Route 15. If walking from La Paloma it seemed about 10km. The track runs parallel with the beach but winds a bit. Some areas of dunes, scrub and small marshes had a few birds. Once you reach sight of the lake, you can either walk along the shore or follow the road along. Between the lake shore and the road are some good boggy areas. At the 'Cabito' or the point at the end there is a hide with a view over the lake and where it empties out into the sea. Here U saw several species of gull, tern and wading birds aswell as 40 or more Chilean Flamingos on the other side. Rufous-throated Sapphire was seen in the garden of a house on the way back that had many red flowers. 

On another day, I walked from Rocha to the main Chuy-Montevideo highway turning right towards Montevideo and turning off where signed to Puerto de los Botes 5km away. Birding is quite good on this road in some marshy areas on the left where Giant Wood-Rail was seen. Grey Monjita was seen perched on a post a little further along. Puerto de los Botes is next to the river where you can walk along a little and explore some areas of reeds. I saw 89 species including lifers.

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Author: Charles Hesse