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Best Time for visit (25-26th May, 2005)


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This National Park (Km mark 302) is located near the town of La Coronilla (Km mark 314). There are several places to stay in town although most are located almost 2km away on the coast. We stayed at a hotel (500 pesos for a double room with great breakfast) to the right of another hotel called Castello del Mare (800 pesos). The area around the hotel had some good birds, including Rufous-capped Antshrike, Chicli Spinetail, Epaulet Oriole and Whistling Herons in a damp field on the way to town. A walk along the beach turned up Grey-hood Gull, Yellow-billed & Snowy-crowned Terns. The national park was reached by bus which left at 9:45. On the left is the national park and on the right a road to Laguna Negra 2-3 km away. In the park is a bird hide over the small Laguna Peña where there was Giant Wood-Rail, Southern Screamer, Brazilian Teal plus Capybaras. From the highway to Laguna Negra is 3-4km but most of the area by the lake has been grazed. Areas of long grass and marsh are in the Bañados de Santa Teresa visible from the road to to the lake but not accessible. The best areas of the park are apparently accessed by boat where Black-and-white Monjitas and Saffron-cowled Blackbird occur. I saw neither. I saw Greater Rhea on the bus ride to from Montevideo to La Coronilla west of Santa Teresa. I saw 70 species including lifers.

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Author: Charles Hesse