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The government has plans to pry on everyone’s internet use. This is a dangerous step towards tyranny.

When protecting the people involves the government spying on them and censoring the innocent public without prior cause or evidence, then it is no longer protecting them, it has become the enemy itself. You cannot protect someone by threatening them to obey you for their own good.

When this sort of thinking starts pervading the minds of those in power, it is time not only for a change of governors but a change in the way we are governed.

“But it is for your own good.” They will counter.

Only dull, unimaginative, power-hungry, greedy people can seriously believe this. Censoring peoples’ rights means easy control of the people and when you can easily control people you can do whatever you want. And god help anyone who questions that authority, they have a right to do this, because it is for the benefit of the people.

This twisted mentality is how these zealots ‘defend’ their actions. They ignore what countless polls and public opinion show because they actually believe the public to be largely ignorant and incapable of understanding the issues.

"The general public, are ignorant and meddlesome outsiders who must be put in their place. They are to be spectators of action not participants who must be regimented to abandon any ideas about controlling their own lives. Their task is to develop a philosophy of futility and to follow orders while focusing their attention on more superficial things which comprise much of fashionable consumption." (Walter Lippmann, Pioneer of Propaganda 1922)

The public often are by and large ignorant and therefore democratic decisions cannot be allowed, the government knows best, leave it to them.

The public are ignorant however mainly because that is ruling classes’ policy, why do so many politicians get educated at private not state schools? If everyone was given equally good education, people would want more and better lives and there is not enough power to go around. The ruling class must always be a minority otherwise the pyramid becomes top heavy and the system would collapse into some form of socialism.

If this sounds like a nightmare novel, such as 1984; why not read the beginning again? This is real, it is happening to you right now. Here in the heart of the free world of Britain and the USA. The USA National Security Agency already monitors nearly all private phone and internet messages, and at present holds a database with 20 billion communications on. They do this without your permission and with most people being totally unaware that it is happening. Communications Data Bill UK

NSA monitor all US citizen calls and messages already



The reason public opinion and democratic elections never seem to deliver what the public demands, is because the world leaders have already decided for us what we are going to get. Democratic elections look nice, but the visible politicians are only puppets to the real ruling machinery, and many of the top politicians know and accept this. So who are the real leaders and how do they operate? Well they are the bankers, the oil men and the military-industrial complex. The puppet politicians’ jobs is merely to deliver the rules and taxes to the general public in as palatable form as possible to a passive, work orientated, god fearing, ignorant, materialistic, consuming society. The real rulers rule through such bodies as the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation and the World Bank etc. They meet at functions such as hosted by the UN (not the public meetings) and Bilderberg – ignoring and perverting the very rules they wrote in doing so (Logan Act for instance) but of course the rules weren’t meant for them!

Skull and Bones (Yale University),

Bohemian Grove,


What are they up to? The Demonic Cabal.

Global Research: Centre for Research on Globalization.

What methods do they use to rule? One key control is to make the public perceive there is a scarcity of certain things. This can include oil, energy, alternative technologies and materials, medicines and jobs. They push these ideas and much other propaganda through the media they own and control in newspapers, t.v. and on the internet. You can read about how they do this in these other articles.




Fear is another control weapon. “If you don’t do as you are told, you will burn in Hell for all eternity.” Because as we all know, God is hateful, spiteful and above all unforgiving. But of course this does not work on the non-religious, so other threats need to be invented. This can include threats to jobs, because if a worker loses his job he can’t afford to buy a new car, buy alcohol or go to the football match. So the rulers keep the unemployment figures artificially high, but not too high, just enough to be able to scare you into never asking for a pay rise. Too many scroungers though can be counter-productive, after all the government needs people to keep productive to make things to consume and pay taxes and buy cars and oil.

In this day and age though, people are beginning to question their or their parent’s blind existences, and are looking outward to new experiences in travel and consciousness, which can lead to dangerous thoughts of self-determination and freedom. Why exactly do we need anyone to rule us?


The New World Order are addressing this new uprising with another fear, the fear of terrorism. What better way to stop people travelling and thinking in different ways than to arouse old racial and cultural hatreds? What better way to divide people and blind the opening of spiritual consciousness than to start a profitable war? What better reason to take away peoples’ hard won liberties, for their own good. What better way to secure new legislation and new overseas military bases.

Laws have now been enacted in the USA to hold people without charge indefinitely under suspicion of terrorist activity. This is called the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA). In the UK the same policy exists except there is a time limit of 90 days. The UK is also trying to pass a super snooping law on use of the internet by everyone.

So they will continue to increase their powers at the expense of our liberties, increase the taxes and cost of essential commodities, to lower the standard of medical care, break their own rules, lie, cheat and swindle expenses, control the media and t.v. start wars in who’s name? Start wars which maim and kill our armed forces to protect their oil and military profits. Destroy the natural ecosystems by refusing to control pollution and destruction. Manipulate market crashes around the world to make money and keep the public frightened and uncertain. But above all they will do as they like and ignore the whining public. Welcome to the New World Order.

We are not however powerless, as the occupy movement demonstrated. The NWO cling to power through posturing to make themselves look bigger and more important than us. But it is an illusion; because there will always be more of us than them. Collectively we will always have more money and resources than them too. They rule not because they are better than us, they rule by our consent, and if they step out of line and stop serving us and become too ulterior we should, we must replace them. And we can!



Author: BSG