Why would you waste a vote on the Green Party, surely the US is and always will be a 2 party system? Well it is if only those that support either of these parties vote and everyone else who does not support either does not vote. They don’t vote because you cannot make a difference; they think. But wait, if everyone who did not vote for the 2 major parties voted for one third party, that third party would be in power. The reason that third party (which is the Green Party) is not in power is because of too many fractions, and small parties.

Well, of course the Green Party is not perfect, it does not represent the views of all the minority parties as well as the minority parties do it themselves, so why should these minority voters vote for the Green Party? Well the poorest, most minor sector person’s vote is worth just as much as the President’s vote. But think of this, the Green Party is a lot closer to all these minority parties’ ideologies than either of the two major parties. So why vote them (the Democrats or Republicans) by not voting when you could at least get closer to what you want by voting Green?!

A no vote is not a wasted vote it is giving the people you really don’t want in power more power. Voting Green is not a wasted vote, if the 99% actually realised they held power instead of believing to the 1% telling them they have no power and actually exercised their power by actually voting then they would be in power.

Dr Jill Stein (medical) is extremely intelligent and would be a breath of fresh air compare to recent presidents. She understands and respects science and knows about the economy in depth. She knows how to create jobs and how to tackle health care. She cares about the environment and those on lowest pay and students. She would be a credit to any party, but fortunately the Green Party has her. Why not help elect her to president and see the positive difference she can to your life and everyone else in the world?

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