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Perpetual motion, free energy, overunity, energy from the vacuum

What do we understand about these terms, probably not a lot except science says they don’t exist. Well let’s see, perpetual motion; an example would be planets rotating around the sun or electrons around an atom. Free energy; well if I plug into my neighbours power supply without him knowing, I’d call that free energy! But that is not what is being implied, energy from nature via the sun, wind or water however is free energy. Overunity; if I drop a bomb, I sure get more energy out than I put in, the same can be said of any violent chemical reaction, all you are doing is being a catalyst. Energy from the vacuum; this is easy, it’s the energy than runs the physics of the universe, it definitely exists perhaps in many forms and some forms yet to be discovered, and it is the latter that is implied being tapped when inventors talk about generators running this way.

So what is the problem? Well we know these sources exist but the question is can we tap them for energy without diminishing or destroying the energy source and without having to continuously input more energy than we actually get out? With chemical reactions, it would seem so, but actually it is not, the energy is already put into the substance (say coal) in a concentrated form that is easy to extract by burning, but once the chemical has gone the process stops. The same is true with nature, when the sun stops shining, when the wind stops blowing and the water stops flowing, our power source goes.

Scientists believe they know what forces are at work in the universe and how to explain them. Gravity for instance can be used to produce power by running water down a hill to turn a turbine to produce electricity. But once the water stops flowing so does the power. Yet no matter what we do or how many times we do it, gravity never diminishes. You may counter that gravity is not (a conventional) energy force. Thinking of other power sources then, what about the energy behind the physics of the universe, the energy that rotates electrons and planets, that never stops. Nature’s energy forces never diminish, they can only be changed from one form to another (and this includes fixed energy that we know as matter) but just as importantly they cannot be created from absolute nothing. This is the 2nd law of thermodynamics (conservation of energy principle). It is gospel to physicists, despite them also insisting, contradictorily, that the universe created itself from nothing in the first place! But leaving this last aside we can safely say the law is correct.

So when we come to speak of perpetual motion, free energy, overunity, energy from the vacuum -electrical generators, are the inventors trying to imply they believe the 2nd law is wrong? No, of course not! And this misunderstanding is where a lot of unnecessary animosity is caused. One side is unconventional and appears on a quick glance from conventional scientists (which is all they will give) to be talking rubbish. The problem really is one of terminology. The unconventional inventors are not talking about devices that extract energy from nothing, even if that is literally what it says (energy from the vacuum). What they actually mean is energy from everything or more accurately universal energy tapping, the very energy of the essence of the universe. They are not creating energy in any way or claiming to, what they are claiming is tapping this energy, rather like a syphon, they induce the energy to flow with a small initial input and once the door is open this energy keeps on flowing. It is really an induction process like a dynamo. It is analogous to instead of tapping the energy of water under gravity tapping whatever gravity itself is.

There is however another problem for conventional scientists, in that whatever energy is being tapped to produce electricity, they are not really sure what it is or more likely what the process is, and this again becomes another reason to debunk these processes, because the inventors often aren’t quite sure what is going on and conventional scientist won’t look for fear of ridicule because they probably could not explain it either without in depth research.

It really boils down to two types of scientist, on the one hand you have the dedicated scientist stuck in his own line of specialist research, who by his very essence is not inclined to look beyond his chosen field. Then you have the maverick scientists not promised to any one field and willing to give a shot to anything vaguely promising. This very set up means the careful, rational specialist who has worked hard to rise in his narrow field is extremely unlikely to look beyond this narrow field of view to blue sky research even if it is within the wider field of his discipline. So let me allow one of these mavericks scientists to state what I have just outline in a more scientific manner than I am able to.

Conservation Laws and Thermodynamics Laws Are Not Violated

OVERUNITY. We strongly point out that such an overunity system is permissible, does not violate the conservation of energy law, and does not violate the laws of thermodynamics. It does violate classical electrodynamics, as do many other electrical things in physics. It is simply a periodically opened system that receives excess input of energy by regauging the system's active potential via usage of a multivalued potential (MVP) or a pseudo-MVP. In short, it is a "freely refuelled" engine. It is an engine that continually refuels itself from a free external source of energy.

Any Dipole is a Source of Free Energy Extracted from the Vacuum

FREE ENERGY. As we previously stated, it is already shown in particle physics that any electric charge is an asymmetry in the violent energy exchange between the vacuum and the charge. Every charge is therefore either a source or a sink. Any dipole is automatically a source on one end and a sink on the other, freely extracting and gating a circulation of excess energy from the vacuum to 3-space and back to the vacuum. This is true for both an electric dipole and a magnetic dipole.

To build a free energy EM source, we do not have to discover how to extract and gate excess energy from the vacuum. Every source we have ever built is already doing just that. We only have to discover how to cease using half the collected energy in a circuit to do work on the internal separation of charges that makes the dipole itself, thereby destroying the source dipole. In other words, we only need to cease "killing" our free energy sources already available in every EM circuit and system.

My colleagues and I have shown how to do it with electrical circuits and now with a special magnetic circuit called the motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG). Johnson has shown how to do it with a motor comprised only of permanent magnets in both the stator and the rotor. The Wankel engine has shown how to do it by using a single electromagnet in a narrow sector of the stator, and the rest of the stator comprised of permanent magnets while the rotor is composed of permanent magnets. Kawai has shown how to do it beautifully in a motor with the rotor comprised of permanent magnets and the stator comprised of electromagnets.[59] All these various approaches are in fact applications of the same master overunity principle advanced in this paper. All utilized one or more methods of performing regauging by means of a multivalued potential (MVP) or a pseudo-MVP (i.e., an emulated MVP).’ TOM BEARDEN PAPER

In this next video the very knowledgeable Tom Bearden explains what Tesla meant by the extended electrical theory, and how Tesla used this knowledge to produce some of his most puzzling inventions. Tom talks in depth about how this approach to electricity shows it can be used to draw energy from the vacuum. He talks about his new patents on it. He shows how the French doctor Antoine Priore used this knowledge to cure cancer with 100% success, but was shunned by his peers because he could not explain the physics behind the electrical equipment he used to achieve this. Scalar fields and Tesla’s Death Ray are discussed also.

Tom Bearden discusses the physics behind Tesla's most enigmatic inventions.

Simple, you see no laws of physics broken, but perhaps some little understood processes going on in systems that scientists thought they already knew so well. But how did it all start and what is the situation between the two camps now and who are the key players in this new field?

Cold fusion was from the outset ridiculed and misunderstood. It all started with the chemists Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann debacle (Fleischmann–Pons experiment), which also gained Brian Josephson a Noble Prize. Cold Fusion They invented a process which gave out considerably more energy than could be accounted for, and this process they said was not a chemical reaction as one might expect with them being chemists, but rather a process of physics and a new one at that. Now if there is anything a scientist hates more than being wrong it is being gazumped by amateurs (anyone not a specialist in a field). Fleischmann–Pons definitely were not specialists at physics. They demonstrated this with some errors in physics calculations. They claimed a cold fusion reaction, which was, it turned out, a poor description. Their experiments could not be duplicated to give the excess readings they claimed. They were quickly torn to shreds.

Unfortunately for mainstream science, ‘cold fusion’ (now known as condensed matter nuclear science) did not die the quick and dignified death they hoped for. In fact it plodded on and results as claimed were sometimes found and more and more scientists working with tiny budgets on this fringe science backed up what had been originally claimed, until now 20 years later it is a whole new respected field of science and Fleischmann and Pons are at last vindicated. Cold fusion is now so hot it’s radioactive! Here are some links.






One man who has done more than most to understand these new processes is Frank Znidarsic, and this understanding led him to develop a theory to replace Planck’s Constant.



There are in this field any number of charlatans, but below are firms willing to back up their claims with peer reviewed published scientific papers, independent verification, patents and bring the products to market. If they are all hoaxes then some very intelligent people have been misled and many millions in money have been lost. If they are right and they do work then they should replace mainstream fossil fuel power production soon.

Blacklight Power

With 6 large contracts worldwide and investments of over $60 million. Dr Randall Mills has authored or co-authored and published over 70 scientific papers and books. Co-proposer of the hydrino (a hydrogen atom at a lower energy state level than conventional physics say is possible) his papers on this website are strictly for expert physicists.


Cycclone Magnetic Engines (USA)

Nugent Aerospace (USA)

Don’t mention overunity, but if you look on YouTube at Cycclone videos from prototypes it does (or if you Google it, it makes the link in some places)! Buy one now! There are literally hundreds of people making these, but most don’t make very efficient ones, which is the key to making money. They rely on turning momentum into usable energy without slowing in the process, this is done (among other tricks) by using opposing magnets.


John Searl Solutions

Soon to have commercial power units. Probably the most advanced type of energy generators of their kind, the Brit inventor is now retired and living where his business is in California. The Searl SEG has been confirmed as working as claimed by no-less-than The Russian Academy of Sciences the whole paper, which is very technical is on the internet. See its by V. Roschin & S. Godin. John Fiala of Purdue University in the USA also independently confirmed it.



The Orion Project Part of The Disclosure Project (Dr Steven Greer), with over 400 scientists and ex-government employees willing to testify to the truth of these things.


Stan Meyer

Stan’s most important breakthrough was his invention of a low energy using water splitter, unlike any other. He had already refined conventional type electrode splitting devices by pulsating the current very fast but this is something completely new and something I do not really understand, except that this is what he should be really remembered for.

Stan Meyer’s Electrical Particle Generator or Gas Processor

He invented a car (dune buggy) that ran on water only. Unlike other such claims this was verified by experts (though not without controversy) and he was vindicated (hence the stack of patents). This was achieved by high efficiency of water splitting using high speed fluctuating 6 Kilohertz current (which has been invented by others, but they have all been bought off by big oil). The split water was then sprayed directly into the combustion chamber and gave over 100 mpg. Big oil offered him $800 million just to sit on his patents several times but he wouldn’t. Died in unusual circumstances at a young age, his brother has made his invention open source, all the 20+ patents are here in detail.

His brother is now carrying the flame and has sensibly moved to Ontario, Canada, where the reception his new company Xogen, is getting is a refreshing contrast to the hostility of the USA. Maybe, now his technique has been proven been any possible doubt, proving Stan right and the scientific theories (at least the public ones!) way off the mark, we will at last see hydrogen available on a large scale at cheap prices.

Xogen Stan Meyer's radical hydrogen producing technology goes commercial and wins Canadian govt. funding award


OverUnity Forum


PESWiki Forum


THE PHYSICS (again only a sample of the more together ones)

For the physics. The Physics Zero Point Energy by David Yurth Part 1/8posted by shurikvt.

All the physics is explained in the series of videos, though it does get a bit in depth at points.


Tesla The Race to Zero Point Free Energy by SowhatNC and Tesla SocietyTesla was the greatest inventor of all time, most of what is coming out today he had already proven (such as lazers, x-rays, star wars, wireless electronics, the Philadelphia Experiment was based on his work too etc), he gave the world alternating power and would have given us all free power except his backer J.P. Morgan pulled the plug on Wardenclyffe (which was shown to be able to light a series of light bulbs at several km without cables). Morgan said if he could not put a meter on it to make money he would not back it. He ruined Tesla and Edison gets a lot more credit for much less. Marconi gets credited with inventing the radio, when in fact Tesla did, but this was only legally acknowledged by the US govt patent office after Tesla’s death. After Tesla died the CIA/NSA moved in the same day to take away all his 400 patents and experimentaal equipment and hide them away.

Tesla's aether energy harnessing device (Tesla Radiation or orgone energy or DOR) has been recreated, refined and is commercially available. It (and other related technologies) are explained in a technical way here.

John Hutchinson


John Hutchinson and Hutchinson Effect Another person following on from Tesla, John worked for the Canadian govt. and was a pioneer in many aspects of zero point field energy, see his experiments and interviews in this series of videos. He also made opposing gravity fields and did strange things with metals (see videos YouTube).


Tom Bearden

All Dr Bearden’s work is available here. A nuclear engineer who has produced many, often controversial, scientific papers. Has done much research on zero point energy.


Why haven’t zero point energy generators come out big time already, zero point field energy is old hat, dating back over a hundred years to Tesla and Dirac. Unfortunately, physicists don’t like dealing with infinites in equations and much to Dirac’s consternation devised a ‘workable’ solution to ignore them in Quantum physics. This led to the unfortunate fact that the equations cannot now be used to prove zero point energy as an accessible source of energy, though alternative equations that do do exist. But there are many alternative theories out there published in scientific papers, by the likes of Dirac (Noble Prize winner), Bearden, Hutchinson and Mills to name only a few. We have already mention the cold fusion debacle (Fleischmann–Pons). NEW ENERGY TIMES: Fleischmann–Pons

Suppression of this and many other technologies comes from the US military and big oil. The US National Security Agency (the agency which doesn’t exist and is a law only to itself) has frozen over 5,000 patents in recent years under National Security Act criteria, and some of these definitely are zero point energy generators.

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