You would be forgiven for thinking everything you buy has been rigorously tested and passed as safe in a scientific manner for both you and (maybe) the environment. While some products such as pharmaceuticals and electrical goods are often rigorously tested, don’t make the mistake of thinking the manufacturer is doing it for your safety, it is more likely a case of could they get sued if there was an accident or not? That and national legislation. But where money is involved, which it always is in our runaway capitalist economy there are always ways around legislation or ways to stop it through corruption, just look at the oil soaked elections for an example. In fact as will be seen there are a long list of products sold in every high street store which are death in a packet. These products usually have side effects and produce long illnesses who’s source is difficult to suggest and even harder to prove in court, and this is the main reason companies do not act even though they nearly always know what harm their products can and do do. Just think of the resistance and lies tobacco companies put up against labelling of their products. I won’t even mention alcohol and tobacco as they are so obvious.

So let’s start with everyone’s favourite-to-hate Monsanto. This could actually be a whole essay in its self, but let’s stick with the main theme.

Monsanto-developed genetically modified milk booster hormone(recombinant bovine somatotropin or rBST) which is now fed to about 20% of the dairy cows in the U.S. but banned forever in European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and New Zealand has some nasty effects, read more here:

Organic food Guy: Cracks in Monsanto’s Toxic Veneer

“It causes mastitis, an infection of the udder. This infection causes pus to be released into the milk. Yes, pus in your milk—as well as hormones and antibiotics that lactating mothers may be passing on to their nursing children. It is incriminated in well-documented scientific publications as a cause of breast, colon, and prostate cancers. Additionally, IGF-1 blocks natural defence mechanisms against early sub-microscopic cancers.” Organic food Guy.

Following implementation of Codex-alimentarius (see below) worldwide (it is already adopted by the UN and the World Trade Organisation) Monsanto genetically modified milk booster hormone will have to be injected into all dairy cows, farmers will have no choice.

Another lovely product Monsanto make is Round-Up (active ingredient Glyphosate) which they claimed for years was non-toxic and biodegradable. Only guess what? That’s right they were lying through their teeth, got sued and had to amend the label and remove the safe to the environment lie (look at the new labels, before throwing it away (safely) and going organic). Also they are now being sued by many Argentine farmers, who believed them, and so sprayed without protective clothing and ate the Round-Up resistant GM (genetically modified) crop engineered by Monsanto. The result lots of illness, birth defects and deaths.

Monsanto sued for poisoning farmers

The next Monsanto killer is their GM crops, which besides contaminating organic seed, different varieties and producing wild super weeds resistant to RoundUp (the next more lethal spray is Agent Orange which is now going to be used on food you will eat!), causes many other problems. Little things Monsanto don’t care to mention such as GM crops causing TOTAL INFERTILITY in just 2 or 3 generations, which is now proven. They also have been proved to cause immune system problems, accelerated aging, inability to properly regulate insulin in the body, and harmful changes in the major organs of the body as well as the entire gastrointestinal system. New tests by French scientists prove that Monsanto GM corn produces GIGANTIC tumours in rats and calls for a total ban, which is what should happen since these GMO have never had to under-go proper tests. GMO MUST BE OUTLAWED

GM feedstocks kill cattle, proven in court case


GMO-Fed Hamsters Become Infertile, Have Stunted Growth

Fertility Factor: Genetically Modified Foods and Your Infertility?

Yet the US government won’t even allow foods containing GMO to be labelled and in fact are weakening legislation that may stop or hold back GMO. The U.S. House Agriculture Committee passed the Farm Bill recently that includes attached provisions severely weakening USDA’s oversight of GE crops. Could this have something to do with money corrupting politics? The main funders trying to stop Proposition 37 are these companies Monsanto, Kellogg's (Kashi, Bear Naked, Morningstar Farms), General Mills (Muir Glen, Cascadian Farm, Larabar), Dean Foods (Horizon, Silk, White Wave), Smucker's (R.W. Knudsen, Santa Cruz Organic), Safeway ("O" Organics), Kraft Foods Global, Inc. (Boca Burgers and Back to Nature), Con-Agra (Orville Redenbacher's Organic, Hunt's Organic, Lightlife), Quaker, Nestle USA, Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Tropicana, Coca Cola (Honest Tea, Odwalla), AMP Energy, Naked Juice, Lipton iced tea, E. I. Dupont de Nemours, Dow Agrosciences and PepsiCo (Naked Juice, Tostito's Organic, Tropicana Organic). Other companies trying to stop Proposition 37 are: BASF Plant Science, Bayer Cropscience, Dow Agrosciences Llc, Syngenta Corporation, Del Monte Foods Company, H.J. Heinz Company, Hershey Company, Mars Incorporated, Hormel Foods Corporation, Bumble Bee Foods, Llc, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., Sara Lee Corporation, Bimbo Bakeries Usa, Pinnacle Foods Group Llc, Dean Foods Company, Campbell Soup Company, McCormick & Company, Inc., Smithfield Foods, Inc., Cargill, Inc., Rich Products Corporation, Abbott Nutrition, Dole Packaged Foods Company, Knouse Foods Cooperative, Inc., Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, Sunny Delight Beverages Company, Bunge North America, Inc., Land O'lakes, Inc., Hero North America, Solae, Llc, California Grocers Association, McCain Foods Usa, Inc., Flowers Foods, Inc., Welch Foods, Inc., Godiva Chocolatier, Inc., Starlite Media Llc, Clement Pappas & Company, Inc., Clorox Company, Tree Top, Inc., C. H. Guenther & Son, Inc., Faribault Foods, Inc., Morton Salt, Reily Foods Company, Goya De Puerto Rico, Inc., Inventure Foods, Inc., Bruce Foods Corporation, Sargento Foods, Inc., Idahoan Foods, Llc, Goya Foods Great Lakes, Croplife America, El Super (Bodega Latina Corp), Hirzel Canning Company, Bristol Farms, Holiday Quality Foods/Sav More Foods, California Shopping Cart Retrieval Corp, House-Autry Mills, Inc., Four K Farms, Jmr Farms, Inc., Tri-Cal Inc., Nutricion Fundamental and Richelieu Foods, Inc. and the following organisations Council for Biotechnology Information, Grocery Manufacturers’ Association, Biotechnology Industry Association have made a fund to fight any such labelling and have already forced Oregon State to back down. The big fight is now with California. So you now know who’s products not to buy! And don’t believe those ‘all natural ingredients’ labels either, they are just words and contain absolutely no scientifically accredited claims, many are false and some companies have been sued (take a guess from the list!).

Genetically Modified Organisms Labelling

You can read more about GMO here: Genetically Modified Crops or GM

Irradiated Food. A bad idea for any food, not only does it give you gamma radiation doses many times higher than x-rays it also total destroys the nutrient value of the food, making eating it a waste of time. It also does not kill many harmful bacteria and viruses but kills many of the beneficial ones. It is widespread in US, were items are usually labelled, but rare in EU where only frogs legs and some dried herbs are treated. Look for the international Radura logo and give it a wide berth! Harmful if swallowed - The dangers of food irradiation

Irradiated Food

EU irradiated food facilities list and foods treated

Pharmaceutical companies make so much money, that even fines of several billion dollars does not deter them from making false claims, selling their drugs for illnesses they have not been tested for, selling drugs so poisonous they are more likely to kill you than your illness or simply selling drugs that have no effect on your illness at all.

7 Shameful Examples of Big Pharma Fraud

Pharma racks up $6.6B in fraud penalties so far this year

The next everyday products we take for granted as being safe, you cannot get much more universal than tinned/canned foods and beverages. This is a quote from a forum member: “Plastic lined cans containing acidic food products leech BPAs (Bi phenol A) which is linked to reproductive issues as well as cancers of the reproductive organs in both males and females. BPAs are also commonly found in #1, #3, #6, and #7 plastic bottles and containers. Heating plastic releases BPAs up to 55 times faster than room temperature as one study indicated. BPAs are especially harmful to young children and babies. A lot of Nalgene bottles have BPA in the plastic. This is how I found out about it. Definitely don't leave your bottles in the hot sun as it makes the leeching faster. Plastic bottles leech other chemicals as well. I checked my gym bottle I have been using for years and it was a #7.” BJJ Grappler.

New Nalgene bottles are now safe. But there are literally millions of canned food items sold every day still containing Bi phenol A. Shouldn’t we be more concerned and why aren’t they labelled? You can avoid it one way if it says HDPE on the plastic, it does not contain BPA.

DDT, though banned in most countries for agricultural use (except India) is still widely legally used in third world countries for mosquito control to limit the spread of malaria, since there are no effective alternatives. It is often sprayed indiscriminately in towns and countryside causing many health problems. Be aware of this when abroad and get out of the way if a pick-up truck is coming towards you with an unprotected crew spraying stuff at the trees lining the streets.

Following implementation of Codex-alimentarius (see below) worldwide (it is already adopted by the UN and the World Trade Organisation) some of the most toxic chemicals known to man have been brought back into use for agriculture in underdeveloped parts of the world (including DDT and Dioxins)and these products can then legally be sold to anyone anywhere in the world without a label.

Fluoride, the active ingredient in many pesticides and rodenticides, is a powerful poison - more acutely poisonous than lead. Because of this, accidental over-ingestion of fluoride can cause serious toxic symptoms.

Each year there are thousands of reports to Poison Control centers in the United States related to excessive ingestion of fluoride toothpastes, mouth rinses, and supplements.” Fluoride Action Network

Did you know the main ingredient of Prozac is Fluoride, yes 94% in fact, the Nazi’s used Fluoride to calm in mates in detention centres. It is so toxic that even swallowing small amounts of toothpaste containing it can cause long term harmful effects including cancer. Note Fluoride can occur naturally in water at varying levels.

FDA think fluoride in water is a great benefit

Despite what you may read on Wikipedia; which always seems strangely to take the government/industry line (wonder why that is?) there have been studies done on Monosodium glutamate (MSG) that show harmful effects, for instance some studies link to obesity such as this one on mice. MSG Fed Mice Became Grossly Obese

It seems even stranger when doctors recommend removing it from your diet if it causes any of the following. Monosodium glutamate can cause diabetes, adrenal gland malfunction, seizures, high blood pressure, excessive weight gain, stroke and other health problems. Global Health Center

Staying with the theme of food production and supply, every person on the planet should be seriously worried about the Codex-alimentarius group and its legislation. It is run by the Codex Alimentarius Commission of the United Nations and the World Health Organization working in conjunction with the multinational pharmaceutical cartel and international banks. Its legislation, which over-writes all previous legislation, makes added nutrients illegal in food and says all farm animals must be injected with chemicals such as growth hormones and antibiotics (such as Monsanto genetically modified milk booster hormone that we met earlier). Not maybe if needed, must be. They further brought back into use 7 of the worst chemicals neurotoxins known to man, such as dieldrin, for use in farming, which had previously been banned worldwide. Now food grown using these chemicals in third world countries cannot be prevented from being imported to the developed west.


According to International Advocates for Health Freedom

According to International Advocates for Health Freedom (IAHF) this is what we have to look forward to:

"If Codex Alimentarius has its way, then herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, amino acids and other natural remedies you have taken for granted most of your life will be gone. The name of the game for Codex Alimentarius is to shift all remedies into the prescription category so they can be controlled exclusively by the medical monopoly and its bosses, the major pharmaceutical firms. Predictably, this scenario has been denied by both the Canadian Health Food Association and the Health Protection Branch of Canada (HPB).

The Codex Alimentarius proposals already exist as law in Norway and Germany where the entire health food industry has literally been taken over by the drug companies. In these countries, vitamin C above 200 mg is illegal as is vitamin E above 45 IU, vitamin B1 over 2.4 mg and so on. Shering-Plough, the Norway pharmaceutical giant, now controls an Echinacea tincture, which is being sold there as an over the counter drug at grossly inflated prices. The same is true of ginkgo and many other herbs, and only one government controlled pharmacy has the right to import supplements as medicines which they can sell to health food stores, convenience stores or pharmacies."

It is now a criminal offence in parts of Europe to sell herbs as foods. An agreement called EEC6565 equates selling herbs as foods to selling other illegal drugs. Action is being taken to accelerate other European countries into 'harmonization' as well.

Light bulbs, which type are greenest? Incandescent light bulbs use a lot of energy and due to built-in obsolescence have a relatively short life (a good film explaining this consumer rip-off is here, and many similar are easy to find).The Light Bulbs Conspiracy: Built-in Obsolescence

But CFL (compact fluorescent lights) contain around 5 milligrams of highly toxic mercury. LED lights also contain tiny amounts of mercury as well as lead, nickel and copper. CFL and LED light bulbs contain toxic metals . So who knows what’s best?

Formaldehyde used to be a common toxin in many products, particularly those containing adhesives (such as Formica, which doesn’t anymore) and cosmetics. It can still be found in some products but fortunately it is now much less common or amounts are very low. Probably the product containing the most is nail polish and removers which can contain up to 5%. It even occurs in organic products and baby products. Don’t use them, find an alternative! 5 Products that contain Formaldehyde

Insect repellents that contain DEET are sprayed liberally all over bare skin every day by people outdoors, but could these insect repellents be worse than the insects bite, since DEEt is in a family of chemicals that is related to nerve gases and DDT. Read this from the BBC. Deet Bug Repellent 'Toxic Worry'

Chemical residues in food is too big a subject to deal with here, suffice it to say it is a real problem. Just look here for an idea of the scale and range of possible problems. Chemical residues in food

Mobile phones is another huge and controversial topic which I can’t say I have got any firm views on yet, but I just think intuitively it cannot be healthy holding what amounts to a mini-microwave so close to the brain for long periods. Just do any search and you will get a full range of views backed up by studies.

Another huge topic is high voltage electricity pylons which again you would just think it might not be good to live to close to, but the evidence is inconclusive. This paper gives a good overview. Electromagnetic radiation in homes

You may be unaware that whenever you fly in plane at high altitude you are exposing yourself to high radiation exposure in flights and female air cabin crew have a high risk of breast cancer. In fact the levels are typically around 20x normal ground level background radiation levels. Something to think about next time you fly. This paper sums things up in a fairly succinct way.

Cosmic And Solar Radiation: Facts For Flight Attendants

Why do you think t.v. commercials are so effective, could it be due to the Alpha waves being induced by t.v. because these waves are known to put the mind in a relaxed and suggestive state? Who knows but too much t.v. surely is not good for us. Low Alpha Waves Can Lead to "Mind Fog"

Energy and/or sports drinks why do people buy them? Most studies conclusively show the best energy drink of all is milk. It can be full or semi-skimmed, flavoured or not and have little or no added sugar. Tests show energy drinks, which typical contain 3 to 5 times the recommended daily dose of caffeine can speed heartbeats and can make it erratic, they can cause irritability. They can cause hypertension, heart disease and lead to diabetes, not to mention tooth decay. Some people can have an allergic reaction and overdosing can lead to toxicity treatment, these latter can cause hallucinations. Recent German studies show links to impotency. Some of these drinks however if used correctly in small amounts can show small benefits.

<Aspartame which is used as a food and drink artificial sweetener has active ingredients of Aspartic Acid, Phenylalanine, Methanol and Diketopiperazine. Of the 90 different documented symptoms listed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as being caused by aspartame some are: Headaches/migraines, dizziness, seizures, nausea, numbness, muscle spasms, weight gain, rashes, depression, fatigue, irritability, tachycardia, insomnia, vision problems, hearing loss, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, loss of taste, tinnitus, vertigo, memory loss, and joint pain. The FDA also notes that with regard to food additives it accounts for over 75% of the adverse reactions. It can worsen existing complaints particularly brain tumours, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson's disease, irritable bowel symptoms, Alzheimer’s, mental retardation, lymphoma, birth defects, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. Recent studies (2007) by the FDA have since said, oddly, that it is totally safe, and previous risks have been dismissed as bad studies or hoaxes (all of them!). But considering they think fluoride in water is a great thing (see above: fluoride) and cannabis the most dangerous drug ever, can they be trusted?

Aspartame is, by Far, the Most Dangerous Substance on the Market that is Added to Foods

A series of videos and articles offering a good roundup of many of the worst of the above

Rockets and jets release chemicals into the high atmosphere which deplete theozone layer, so there is still a risk of losing high altitude ozone even though CFCs are banned. Low level ozone caused by emissions from internal combustion engines, on the other hand is harmful causing smog and all the ailments associated with it.

Health and Environmental Effects of Ground-Level Ozone

Diesel particulates basically cause all manner of lung diseases and asthma and kill many people a year worldwide.

Diesel particulates: papers

Asbestos is never a good thing, but for some every day uses there really are no good alternatives. It is used as such for brake pads and clutch facings in vehicles. Basically over a long time it causes lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis and other ailments which eventually kill. The type of asbestos used in the motor industry is not the most dangerous brittle fibre type, and in many cases its use has been reduced or eliminated.

Junk food Glazed and Confused...It's Time To Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

The Real Reason Big Macs Are Cheaper Than More Nutritious Alternatives

PVC plastics release dioxins and other extremely hazardous persistent bio-accumulative toxic chemicals. Plastics made from hemp are stronger than those made from oil and could in most cases it could replace them.



DEET (N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide) is the most common active ingredient in insect repellents. One-third of all Americans use this repellent, which has been shown to be toxic to the central nervous system. Natural insect repellant solutions exist; otherwise, candles with eucalyptus oil or citronella oil in the area will do the trick.

Glyphosate is the chief ingredient used in Monsanto's Round-Up, which has been link to birth defects, DNA damage, hormone disruption, cancer and neurological disorders. Ditch this weed killer for good. Get rid of weeds naturally, using boiling water, vinegar, salts or pulling them out by hand.

Phthalates are most commonly found in air fresheners. They also exist in vinyl, wood varnishes and lacquers. Pthalates disrupt the endocrine system, which can cause reproductive and neurological damage. Avoid the word "fragrance" on air fresheners, as it can be a synonym for pthalates. Candles are a better alternative.

Bi-phenol A (BPA), which is found in nine out of ten Americans, is used in food containers, baby bottles, plastic bottles and CDs. Scientists have linked BPA to heart disease, diabetes and liver abnormalities, as well as brain and hormone development problems in fetuses and children. Be sure to buy BPA free plastics with recycling codes 1, 2 or 5. Recycling codes 3 and 7 are more likely to include BPA or phthalates.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gasses from certain solids or liquids. These unsafe substances add to indoor air pollution and are linked to asthma and cancer. Paints, pesticides, lacquers, building materials and office equipment can all contain VOCs; however, the biggest culprit of VOC emissions in the home are scented, petroleum-based laundry detergents. Instead, buy plant based, unscented laundry detergents and look for no-VOC paints. Avoid plywood and particleboard when possible and keep VOCs contained by waterproofing any plywood furniture with safe sealant products.

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) flame retardants, which are linked to hormone disruption, developmental deficiencies and cancer, are used in furniture and electrical equipment. Tests showed that toxic fire retardant chemicals contaminate the bodies of ninety-nine percent of pregnant women. When buying new products, always ask the manufacturers what type of fire retardants they use.

Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are used in non-stick cookware like Teflon, as well as in stain-resistant fabrics. PFCs are believed to cause birth defects and cancer and have shown to be highly concentrated in the breast milk of nursing mothers. Instead, use stainless steel or iron cast cookware and avoid buying stain resistant furniture.

Perchloroethylene (PCE) is a chemical used in dry cleaning that has already been banned in Europe and Canada. PCE causes toxic effects in the liver, kidney and central nervous system. It is much easier now to find green dry cleaners that use chemical free methods.

Formaldehyde is used in carpentry, soaps, detergents, cabinetry and glues. Formaldehyde is an extremely toxic carcinogen that was rated as a high level threat for causing cancer by the Environmental Working Group. To reduce your exposure, purchase solid wood furniture or make sure that pressed wood products are sealed.

Triclosan is used to make antibacterial soaps, which promote antibiotic resistance in bacteria, thus creating super bacteria. When triclosans are mixed with chlorinated tap water, the toxic gas chloroform is created. Stop using antibacterial soaps and switch to a natural alternative.

11 & 12. Chlorine and ammonia are deadly ingredients commonly used in household cleaners, including toilet bowl and oven cleaner. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that chlorine byproducts are 300,000 times more carcinogenic than the chemical pesticide DDT. Instead, use cleaners such as baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and castile soap.

80,000 different untested chemicals, not proven to be safe, are sold in the U.S. Many of these chemicals are known to be to dangerous, yet they continue to be sold. Sign the petition to support stronger toxic chemicals standards. 



Author: BSG