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Copenhagen; Surprise Outcome? Politicians and Industrialists Only Have Ulterior Motives

Though I am as disgusted as everyone else at our political ‘leaders’ total lack of effectiveness or shame, what did we expect? Obama may have good intentions and make (usually) nice righteous speeches, but as he is finding out all democratic heads of state are only figurehead poodles of their civil service. Besides which he totally messed up his priorities by putting American health care top of his agenda, whatever measures he has introduced will count for nought when global climate change really kicks in. He was also more excited about receiving his Noble peace prize too, the reason for which he received it however eludes most of the world’s population. If he were such a humanitarian why did he not concentrate on global warming more?

I suppose it was too much to expect that the USA would come up with a decent offer and stick to it. Even what they were offering was written to deceive people, working out at only a 4% cut in real terms, unlike the 20% most other develop nations were ready to put up. True, China has been blamed also for refusing to accept legally binding targets, but in light of the US lack of commitment we can hardly expect this arriving superpower to shoulder as much blame as the US, when by far most of the CO2 to date has been created by the US (25% of total). China does now just emit the same amount of CO2 as the US, but it is still only a quarter per capita, because its population is 4 times larger! Besides which, when you consider the market that most of this Chinese industrial activity is supplying (the US, particularly Wal Mart) we can see that the onus is squarely with the US, (who loves to lead, except when it might cost their economy something), despite causing most of the mess, they will not take unilateral action (or seemingly any action) to clean things up, even when it would mean a far better world FOR THEM, as well as everyone else.

In the US 40% of the public still believe global climate change is not happening (and even more do not believe in evolution). This dangerous non-thinking might be effectively counter attacked if they spent more time looking outward to the real world instead of inward to the capitalist propaganda on the silver screen.

Our own Gordon Brown, whilst making the right noises came to the table with only a piggy bank of copper coins left after squandering the nations' gold by selling at a record low price and giving away the national reserve (only around £1 trillion) to the greedy, incompetent, self-serving banks. What a waste of money that was, especially when it is clear that economies which did not give as much public money to the banks have been shown to recover faster. How much better it would have been to have spent that money on combating climate change, but of course when the money was requested for that nothing was forthcoming. With low investment, renewable power in Britain has been pronounced dead in the water, and since we won’t back coal this only leaves nuclear, which is what the government wanted all along.

Why do they want nuclear, when Britain has the largest capacity for renewable power in Europe? Because nuclear power is centralised and easily controlled by the state, and can be easily taxed. The government does not want thousands of individuals producing their own power and supplying the surplus to the national grid, how can they make any taxes from that? Equally the government do not want to invest in offshore wind and wave power on a large scale when the oil companies are objecting (note recent removal of investment by all British oil companies in renewable power). The government and oil companies all state that though renewables could produce a significant amount of UK power, they are too unpredictable and that battery storage is inefficient. They must think the public are both blind and stupid, thankfully due largely to the internet we know better. Excess energy in times of surplus from renewables can cheaply and effectively be stored as compressed air till times of need as is done in both the Netherlands and parts of the US.

With empty North Sea gas chambers under the sea, we even have ready made chambers to store the air. Even if this were not an option, the excess energy could be used to split water to make hydrogen to power vehicles or power turbines for electricity for the grid. The government does not see these options because it does not want to, but with the internet the days of hoodwinking the public (as China is finding out) are over.



Author: BSG