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This is a duplicate of the account for Cley in North Norfolk Coast

CLEY (Norfolk Naturalists’ Trust, National Trust)


NORFOLK (Sheringham), (W)

National Grid TG053440 00o00´/00o00´ c.266ha 1-7m, shingle beach and brackish and freshwater pools, large reedbeds 
Anytime (15-17.05.92, 15-16.05.93, 19.05.95)


Birding Site Guide

Also search BSG with ‘Norfolk’ for other sites nearby, or by a species, as there are many good birding sites in the county. This site adjoins another good birding area Blakeney Point (W) and Salthouse Heath is immediately SW over the A149 (see accounts on BSG).

Cley Next The Sea lies just S of the main coast road the A149. Parking is found 1.1km N from the town off A149 on the coast at Cley Eye or just E of town at the visitor centre (S side of road) and a little further along on N side of road. There is a path with a few hides and an admission fee is charged for non-members.

This is one of the best birding sites in Britain and anything can turn up. It is particularly good for passage waders and harriers Autumn brings flocks of terns and Little Gulls. The reedbeds have large numbers of Bearded Tits, and Bittern. In winter the site, especially along the beach, is good for Horned Lark, Snow and Lapland Buntings. Also along the beach heading E towards the coast guards are some isolated Tamaris bushes which attract incoming weary migrants. Over 280 species have been recorded in the area. My list below gives an idea of species which can be expected, but also includes a few rarities, dates of visits are given at the top of the page.

Birds seen at Cley (this is a composite list from all my visits).

Author: BSG