Factory Outlet Birds of the USA


Home Advisor Birdwatching Guide 

National Audubon Society State Offices and Local Chapters 

Google directory by states 

National Geographic-Destinations Gives info on where to visit and birding sites in the area 

Bird Guide Features a directory of United States birding clubs, bird watching trips, binocular reviews, and a photo gallery 

Gorp For info on US birding areas look here 

Birding About Where to watch birds in the US 

Camacdonald Covers all states and the world 


Online Birding Guide to the USA Covers all states 

Arizona Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory 

California Californian bird guide 

Florida Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission gives info on sites throughout Florida selected for their excellent birdwatching 

Space Coast Birding Strategically located on the Eastern Continental Flyway, a major bird migration corridor, the region provides prime stopover habitat for many migrating species, in fact, more than 330 species have been seen here 

Indiana Indiana Audubon Society 

Michigan Heartland This site is intended to become a birding and nature resource page for Michigan residents 

Nova Scotia East Coast Birds 

Ohio Ohio Birds Listings by county 

Oregon The Bird Guide Your guide to birds and birding in the Pacific Northwest since 1994 

Pennsylvania Lancaster County Bird Club Choice birding sites in Lancaster County 

Washington D.C. Maryland Ornithological Society This section has been adapted, in part, from the classic birding guide to Maryland 

Texas Texas Panhandle Bird Club

Tree Conservation: Forest Service, Department of Agriculture

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