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Best Time for visit (22nd(CS)-23rd (RN) May & 22-23rd July (CS), 2005)


Birding Site Guide

These 2 reserves are found within Buenos Aires. The first in walking distance of the city centre and the 2nd reached by taking public transport. There are 2 entrances to Costanera Sur. For the northern entrance, cross the water at the Hilton Hotel and turn left at the concrete wall. Along here on the other side of the wall is is a moat and some long grass which had Plumbeus Rail and Wren-like Rushbird. Go a couple of hundred metres along here to reach the entrance. There was a lot of waterfowl on the lakes including Black-headed Duck. On a tree-lined path parrallel with the moat had Black-headed Parakeet. 

To get to Rivera Norte, take a train to Mitre from Retiro station (70c). From here cross the road and take the Tren de la Costa (2 pesos) starting at Avenida Maipu and get off at Barrancas Station. From here, cross over the tracks, turn left and follow the road parrallel with the tracks for a couple of blocks and turn right onto Almofuerte. Turn left at the end and the entrance to the reserve is on the right. It is a small reserve with only 1 trail which you go to the end and come back. There were some good boggy areas that had Grey-necked Wood-Rail and Rufous-sided Crake and a small lake with Silver Teal. I saw 79 species including lifers. 

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Author: Charles Hesse