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Best Time for visit (5-7th December, 2004)


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Entering Belize by land from Chetumal, Mexico in the north, first take a bus to Orange Walk. Express buses to Belize City pass the junction for Crooked Tree but will not stop, so check with the driver first. From Orange Walk you can take another bus towards Belize City which will drop you at the junction. In Crooked Tree I stayed at Sam Tillet's Hotel and they picked me up from the junction. It's about 3km so you could walk it. There are another couple of places in this small town but I didn't check prices. Sam Tilett's place is comfortable and I paid about US$30 for a private cabin. They cook great meals, although they're a bit expensive at about $8. There is a bar nearby that serve drinks and burger. There is a direct bus from Crooked Tree to Belize City leaving in the early morning and returning in the afternoon. Ask locally for times.

The area has fantastic birding and I saw close to 100 species in a day. The area is managed as a wildlife sanctuary by the Belize Audobon Society and there is a visitors centre just after the lagoon on the right as you enter Crooked Tree. There is a map there showing the network of trails all named after birds. The Limpkin Trail runs alongside the lake and (funnily enough) is a good place to see Limpkin. Further round the lake in this direction is an open area with some boats tied up. Here I saw a Southern Lapwing. A bird not found on the Belize list. One of the trails goes a long way off and about 5km from town I found a board walk and tower which had been built by Operation Raleigh. This was a fantastic area for birding with Yucatan Jay and possibly White-fronted Parrots. This area can also be reached by boat and Sam Tillet brings people here. 97 species including 12 lifers. 

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Author: Charles Hesse