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CERRADO Biome Endemics and Near-Endemics List


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BENES lists are unique to BSG and were created for the website. 

This list contains all species endemic to or difficult to find outside of, this ecoregion. They differ importantly from Endemic Bird Areas because the size of the area they cover is the whole ecoregion, whereas EBA are restricted to 50,000km2, they furthermore not only include all endemic species but also all other species which are difficult to observe outside the individual biomes (this naturally includes near-endemics and any other more widespread threatened or near-threatened species). This was quite deliberately done to provide ready-made lists for birders of all scarce species they could expect to see in the region.

 The cerrado is generally thought of as the South American savanna, and indeed grass areas form a major part. The different habitats are known as follows: campo limpo is open grassland, cerradon are the areas of dry semi-deciduous forest in the grasslands, campo sujo is grassland with bushes and cerrado senso stricto is low bush without grass. Cerrado can also be dominated with spaced Butia palms. 


* indicates Brazilian endemic 

EBA073 Central Brazilian Hills and Tablelands 
non-restricted range species have the EBAs in which they may be found in brackets 


BirdLife International (2005) Data Zone. 

Author: B.P. Wainwright