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RIBERALTA (near) (Compass)

Lat:00o00´S/00o00´W ha topography msl 
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Best Time for visit (23rd December, 2005)


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There appeaars to be no public transport here. I took a bike taxi from Riberalta (Bs30 - overcharged?) which took about 40mins. The guy hadn't heard of Antofagasta but knew Warnes, another small town on the way. Once on the track, continue straight on to Antofagasta instead of turning off left to Warnes. I asked the guy to come back to pick me up but he wasn't keen. I was lucky enough to get a ride back with a twice-weekly Brazil nut truck. It would be a long walk back. Very few vehicles seem to pass this road. Once at the few buildings in Antofagasta, you can continue on along the same track and explore the various side trails. Straight on goes to a river. A left fork passes through some good forest. This area merits several days birding. I only had 1 day. I saw 40 species including 9 lifers. 

Species seen

Other Fauna 
A total of -- species of mammals. 

There are -- recorded species of amphibians and reptiles. 


Author: Charles Hesse