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VALPARAISO (near) (Compass)

 Lat:00o00´S/00o00´W ha topography msl 
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Best Time for visit (8th April, 2005)


Birding Site Guide

Con Con was an excellent birding area within easy reach of Valparaiso. A direct buses drops you at the bridge. The river mouth and estuary had a number of wading species as well as large flock of Black Skimmers. From the bridge walk north along the road until a train track crosses the road. Turn left onto this track and follow it along for several km. It passes 2 small lakes on the right with a few ducks and wader. Further on it passes through heathland where Austral Negrito was seen. Eventually you cross a bridge over a river with excellent birding. Left to the river mouth were fair numbers of waders and right were reed beds with large numbers of ducks. Quintero was reached from Con Con by taking another bus north. From the bus terminal, walk out to Punta Liles which is supposedly good for sea-watching. We saw few birds and also failed to see Humbolts Penguin which has been seen in the bay. I saw 56 species. 

Species seen 

Other Fauna 
A total of -- species of mammals. 

There are -- recorded species of amphibians and reptiles. 


Author: Charles Hesse