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Best Time for visit (3rd-5th February, 2005)


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The Quebrada Gonzalez sector of the Braulio Carrillo National Park was reached in 45 minutes by bus from San Jose leaving the Caribe Terminal. Buses leave every half hour with the first at 5:30am. The park opens at 8am but I found out on the first day that walking the trails before this and buying your ticket ($6) later is accepted. The reserve has good low to mid-elevation forest and a good range of foothill species but the quality of birding depends very much on the weather. My first day was bright sunshine and third, very rainy and few birds were seen. The second day was overcast but dry and the birding was excellent. There are trails on both sides of the road. The trail on the same side as the buildings is higher up and this is where I saw Bare-necked Umbrellabird on the first day at the site marker number 10. Accross the road, a longer series of trails runs along the valley and down to the banks of the Rio Sucio. This trail has a couple of miradors (viewpoints) from where Bat Falcon was seen. There also were a good place to view mixed flocks of tanagers as they passed along the valley. In 3 days I failed to see my target species, the Blue-and-gold Tanager. I saw 58 species including 20 lifers.

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