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Birding Site Guide

The Fundación Jocotoco now has a large new lowland Chocó reserve that holds many specialist species that are fast disappearing from the surrounding forests that are being logged at an ever increasing rate. The roads to and around the reserve are dirt logging roads (4 wheel-drive needed) and the villages along the way are loggers villages. To reach the reserve travel on the main road out of Quito heading NW, through Pedro Vincente Maldonado, here take the N road to Simón Bolivar then E and continue N with this road. At La Te go W and then take the turning N to Puerto Nuevo. Here there is a ferry across the River Canandé, which will be ready for you if you have pre-booked with the reserve. Once across the river head along the dirt road towards Gualpi, and before this place is the reserve. There is now basic accommodation at the reserve. 


Author: BSG