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Best Time for visit (11th January, 2005)


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The city of Leon was used as a base to visit the Salinas Grandes area. There was apparently a direct bus but this seemingly left at 4pm. I took one of the frequent buses to Managua (ordinario) at 7am and got off at the turning for Salinas Grandes. This was about 20km from Leon and from the turning it was a further 11km on a bumpy road. I hitched this easily as it seems do most of the locals. There are extensive saltpans in between the village on Salinas Grandes (on high ground) and another settlement with houses by the coast. South from here were some lakes with a few waders including a Long-billed Curlew, which is not included in my list of birds found in Nicaragua. Salinas Grandes has been known for new records in the past, including Peregrine Falcon and Tropical Mockingbird (first seen in 1994) the latter of which I saw. There was also a good ditch between the lakes and the coast which was good for egrets and waders. From here I walked north along the coast to an estuary and the start of Isla Venado. This also had many water birds and there seemed to be good areas of mangroves although they maybe a little more difficult to reach. This site would be much better during Spring and Autumn migrations. I saw 50 species. 

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Author: Charles Hesse