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CHUY (Compass)

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Best Time for visit (27-28th May, 2005)


Birding Site Guide

The town of Chuy is on the Brazilian birder and has a few places to stay. We stayed at a place 1 block from the plaza which was 150 pesos for a double. 8.5km north of the town is the historical fortress of San Miguel. Buses for 18 de Julio leave town regularly and pass Fuerte de San Miguel. Before the fort, there is a bridge over a large river and wetland that is visible from the bridge itself of from a hide on the far side. Blue-billed Black-Tyrant, Snail Kite and Rufescent Tiger-Heron were seen here. Heading towards the fort and before the bridge is a right turn. Along here was excellent birding. On the left in a marshy area near the fence was a Pinnated Bittern. On the road towards the fort birding is good also between the 3 and 5km marks. At 3km was a left turn where there was a small rubbish dump. Here was Chestnut-capped Blackbird and Double-collared Seedeater. At km4 on the right were many Screaming Cowbirds and in the field behind, many White-faced Ibis with a single Roseate Spoonbill. I saw 85 species including lifers. 

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Author: Charles Hesse