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LARA (Sanare), (Compass)

Lat:00o00´S/00o00´W 14,580ha, 500-2300m, humid and wet premontane and montane forests 
Protected/registered status 
Best Time for visit (21st-22nd September, 2006)


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This national park is accessed from the small town of Sanare. Sanare is reached from Barquisemeto. Buses leave irregularly from this dangerous city. I was told it is dangerous even inside the terminal although I didn't find it too bad. I was told a bus left for Sanare at 6pm but it finally left at 6:30 and took about an hour and a half. Sanare has a hotel charging 30,000B. I found a slightly cheaper Posada for 25,000B. There are a few shops and hot dog stands around and even internet. There is no public transport to the national park. You have to hitch, or hire a taxi. The taxi driver quoted me 20,000. It's about 30 minutes to get there; maybe about 15km. From the plaza follow the signs to El Blanquito. If you are hitching, find the stop after the last junction and try to flag down a car. I got a ride as far as the junction for Caspo. Here the forest starts and good birding. Just after here in the morning I saw a flock of Blood-eared Parakeets. A little further on is a sign reading 'La Cima'. Here is an only derelict building where I saw Long-tailed sylph feeding on flowers in the garden. The run goes up and down a couple of times, and after the last pass look out for a small grass-covered lay-by on a right turn just before a hairpin left turn. The forest there (around 1,900m) supposedly has Great Antpitta although I was unable to find them. Further down at 1,800m I had Band-tailed Guan, at 1,740m Scaled Fruiteater in a mixed flock and 1,620m Red-headed Barbet. The road continues down and there is a turning for A small lake called 'El Blanquito. Here I had Caribbean Coot and Rusty-flanked Crake. The latter is responsive to Playback. I had good views by cutting down to the lakes far edge from the entrance road and using playback at a little boggy area behind the long grass. I saw 101 species including 13 lifers.

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Author: Charles Hesse