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Lat:00o00´S/00o00´W 76,619ha high forest, moorland 4 wheel drive essential, entry fee US$27 and US$10 for children

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This is a difficult park to visit, as there is no public transport and you are not allow to take your own vehicle to one of the two lodges in the park, The Ark and Treetops. There are however 3 very basic campsites, which must be pre-booked at the park headquarters in Mweiga, 12km n of Nyeri, this is around US$10. To walk the trails between the peaks in the dry season (the park is often closed in the wet season due to the road conditions) will again require permission from the same headquarters, or to arrange to go with the Kenya Mountain Club (Niarobi). Other ways to visit the park is to go on an organised drive with the Outspan Hotel, in Nyeri, they also have self-drive vehicles and both options are reasonably priced. Other groups such as Aberdare Country Club offer more expensive options.

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