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01o52´S/36o17´E 10,500ha 580m, open water and lakeside vegetation

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Lesser Flamingos (Shailesh Kumar Patel)


Lake Magadi lies south of Nairobi. It is about 1 hr drive from Olorgesailie or 2 hrs from Nairobi. This is an alkaline salt lake where both Lesser and Greater Flamingos can be found. Beside the flamingos, it is possible to see species such as Black-winged Stilt, Little Stint (Aug-May), Little Egret and Grey-headed Gulls. The lake is also known as the only Kenyan site for a special species, the Chestnut-banded Plover. 

Greater Flamingo (Shailesh Kumar Patel)


Other species seen here are Yellow-billed Stork, Cape Teal, African Spoonbill, Ringed (Sept-early May) / Kittlitz’s / Spur-winged Plover, Curlew Sandpiper (Aug-May), Common Greenshank (Sept-April) and Pied Avocet.

Being a hot place, it is better to leave early from Nairobi or spend a night at the Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site. It is also advised to carry extra drinking water and sun cream and a hat or cap. To learn more about the site read the article on ‘Along Magadi Road’ which has information about it.


Pied Avocet (Shailesh Kumar Patel)



My name is Shailesh Kumar Patel, I was born and brought up in Kenya and started birdwatching in 1996. I have 12 years experience and because of this experience, as a guide, I can locate difficult species such as Sharpe’s Longclaw, a Kenyan endemic. To learn more about species present tryAfrican Bird Club .

If you would like to know more about me and my fees go to Our Explorer testimonials and view clients comments. I guided Bram Piot (Switzerland) twice, and in Nairobi National Park on one day we recorded 107 species. Another client Andrew (South Africa) has also placed comments about my guiding at Kenya Bird Watching .


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Author: Shailesh Kumar Patel