Some countries will have their own specific page of links on BSG which will be called Country Round-up followed by the country concerned. 

(note Middle East sites could be placed here or in Palaearctic) 

GAMBIAN AND SENEGAL BIRDING Ousman Joku Local Gambia Bird Guide providing Guided birdwatching in The Gambia in a variety of good bird watching areas including some close to the coastal hotels. 

African Conservation Organisation 

Protect African Wildlife Help the Animals of Africa: Elephants, Lions, Gorillas & Rhinos. 

African Bird Club A good place to find info on African birding. 

African Guide Covers each country in detail. 

Arabian Wildlife Important information about sightings and habitats of the area. 

The Ornithological Society of the Middle East The Ornithological Society of the Middle East website. 

Birding Madagascar Top birding sites in one of the best birding destinations on the planet. So many endemics and all stunning to look at! 

Birds of the Gambia and Gambia Birding A great birding destination, small, friendly, easily accessible and full of birds! 

Birds of Oman Birding in Oman. 

Morocco’s birds 

Kenya Birds A comprehensive website, 600 species in a month is now the norm. 

Zest for Birds Information on South African birds and on seabird pelagic trips into the Indian Ocean. 

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