hold cursor over photo for info. This tour leads on from Part 1, from Woodpecker Corner area. Of course there are many routes to the same areas, this is just one of the many possible routes from Woodpecker Corner. 

This set of photos covers the southern, but not south most part of this massive reserve. Thorne Moors alone (without Hatfield Moors) is 1918ha or to put it in perspective about 2 miles by 3 miles!


woodpecker corner from pit tip 27.04.10.jpg



From the Public Footpath on Grange Road (see Photo Tour 1) go to the entrance bridge and Natural England welcome sign. Go straight on and at the first junction turn right along the edge of the moors. 

woodpecker corner from pit tip 27.04.10.jpg


You will have gone around the base of the colliery spoil mounds and will now be heading towards Woodpecker Corner. 

path towards woodpecker corner 27.04.10.jpg

towards woodpecker corner 27.04.10.jpg

end jones cable from woodpecker corner 27.04.10.jpg



After a while you will be directly opposite the end of Jones Cable PRoW (visible across field) this is another access point which comes around the field and base of pit tip from the opposite direction. It is no closer for parking at the other end though (Wilkinson's Avenue). 

approach to woodpecker corner 27.04.10.jpg


woodpecker corner 27.04.10.jpg



Woodpecker Corner is the small remnants of a much larger wood (Bluebell) of Oak and Lime with some Beech. 

woodpecker corner 27.04.10.jpg


The large Oak trees are good for Woodpecker and Tree Creepers. Siskin and Brambling are regular in winter. 

woodpecker corner ditch to elmhirst 27.04.10.jpg



It is possible to walk through the wood parellel to Thorne Waste Drain to an easy to cross server drain. Alternatively after looking around the wood go back to the main mown entrance path and continue on it up the short slope, you are now on Collis's Tram, follow this. 

to elmhirst pump 27.04.10.jpg

to elmhirst pump 27.04.10.jpg

elmhirst pump through trees 27.04.10.jpg



If you take the first option this brings you to Elmhirst pump and wood. 

thorne waste drain looking back at woodpecker corner 27.04.10.jpg



At the pump you can look back at Woodpecker Corner the way you came. 

thorne waste drain looking at limberlost 27.04.10.jpg



You can also look the other way (SE) along Thorne Waste Drain towards Limberlost. 

elmhirst tram 27.04.10.jpg



However on this tour we are tacking the track into the moor Elmhirst Tram to the gate. 

bsg16 elmhirst gate 27.04.10


bsg17 elmhirst gate junction, path n goes elmhirst wood 27.04.10



This junction at the gate has a path going off to Elmhirst Wood with its single large Pine in dense Rhodo and birch. The other direction beyond the gate is the way you have come. 

bsg18 elmhirst tram cont 27.04.10


bsg19 elmhirst tram joins link to collis s tram 27.04.10



Heading striaght on from the gate on this Tour we pass other junctions, the next being with a path that leads to the inner end of Collis's Tram (on left). 

bsg20 looking along link to collis s tram 27.04.10



Looking down that junction towards Collis's Tram. This area can be good for Nightjars. We continue straight on still, however. 

from elmhirst tram looking at cassons 27.04.10



Casson's Gardens can be seen on the horizon as a taller birch woodland infested with Rhodo. 

looking down angle drain 27.04.10



The next junction is with Angle Drain, if you go along here it brings you onto Middle Moor Tram about halfway along. But we continue straight on on this tour, you do not turn off since leaving the Elmhirst pump. 

looking down limberlost tram 27.04.10



There is another junction at Elmhirst/Limberlost peatstack going to Limberlost on the Moors extreme S edge. 

elmhirst peat stack 27.04.10



This is the overgrown Elmhirst/Limberlost peatstack which we pass still going straight on. 

 elmhirst tram final bit 27.04.10

middle moor tram 27.04.10


The final junction with Elmhirst Tram is Middle Moor Tram, following MMT would take you near the centre of the Moors where the metal viewing platform. 

bsg27middle moor 27.04.10



We continue straight on as the path now becomes known as Pony Bridge Tram, views over Middle Moor to our left can be had. 

bsg28 pony bridge marsh 27.04.10



Opposite Pony Bridge Wood the area to the left (N) of the tram is now known as Pony Bridge Marsh. 

bsg29 lonesome pine track 27.04.10



There is a path off Pony Bridge Tram along the W edge of Pony Bridge Wood called Lonesome Pine track but it is often overgrown, this takes you to the S edge of the moor and you can then go either way. 

bsg30 pony bridge tram looking back w 27.04.10



We continue straight on still, now with Pony Bridge Wood on our right (or left in photos looking back). 

bsg31 pony bridge tram 27.04.10

bsg32 pony bridge wood 27.04.10

The wood is flooded and full of birch and willow, most of it is not accessible. 

bsg33 crack willow pony bridge wood 27.04.10

There are hybrid willows known as Basford Willows here and at Will Pits. 

bsg34 pony bridge marsh from bluethroat tram looking at crowle moor 27.04.10



There is a junction to a path that heads N into Pony Bridge Marsh called Bluethroat Tram. Here Bluethroats bred for the first time in England. 

bsg35 pony bridge marsh from bluethroat tram looking w 27.04.10



Bluethroat Tram looking W,this tram is flooded and very treacherous, do not attempt if not prepared to get wet! 

bsg36 pony bridge marsh from bluethroat tram 27.04.10



From same tram looking E. 

bsg37 pony bridge junction with swinefleet warping drain 27.04.10



Returning to Pony Bridge Tram we continue straight ahead to the junction at its end with Swinefleet Warping Drain. 

bsg38 looking back w along pony bridge tram 27.04.10

bsg39 swinefleet warping drain path 27.04.10



This left turn will take us N along Swinefleet Warping Drain to Will Pits Scrape. 

bsg40 crowle moor from swinefleet warping drain 27.04.10



From this track views of Crowle Moor can be had. 

bsg41 NE shed 27.04.10 065



When you reach the bailey bridge that leads onto Crowle Moor, Natural England's shed is visible further along Swinefleet Warping Drain path. 

bsg42 bailey bridge to s end crowle moor 27.04.10



The bailey bridge and S end of Crowle Moor. 

bsg 43 Swinefleet Warping Drain 27.04.10

bsg44 approach to will pits scrape 27.04.10



As we walk towards the NE shed along Swinefleet Warping Drain (still) we start to pass a large expaanse of open water called Will Pits Scrape. 

bsg45 will pits scrape 2 27.04.10



This scrape used to be cover with part of Will Pits wood but was destroyed by peat extraction, this area of the wood used to be good for Nightingales. 

bsg46 will pits scrape 27.04.10



Will Pits Scrape has many ducks (Mallard, Teal aand Tufted) and Greylag and sometimes Canada Geese. It is the best place on the Moors for Goosander and Ruddy Duck. 

bsg47 mervyn s tram 27.04.10



Just before NE shed is a path back W called Mervyn's Tram, which takes you along the side of Will Pits Scrape to Middle Moor Tram. 

bsg48 will pits scrape shed end 27.04.10



We continue along Swinefleet Warping Drain past NE shed onto the limestone road of Will Pits. 

bsg49 between will pits scrape and wood 27.04.10



Between the Scrape and the wood is an open area of moor and marsh, favoured by Black-headed Gulls, Marsh Harriers and Hobby. This area can be viewed by taking a narrow track from the limestone road along the side of the wood and around its edge. You will end up back on the limestone road at the other side of its T junction. 

bsg50 between will pits scrape and wood 27.04.10

In this final picture of the same area Will Pits wood is visible on the right. See the next Photo Tour (3) to see you options from here.