Long-tailed Duck Covenham 20.10.10 (Justin Carr)




National Grid 00o00´/00o00´ n/a ha, m 
summer (24.05.08-26.05.08)

Winter (03.02..90, 11.04.92, 06.12..92)

Birding Site Guide

Photo; Long-tailed Duck by Tristan Reid. Approaching from the n, at the crossroads before the reservoir (only the banking will be visible) turn left and then into car park (right) and walk up onto the bank and view from here. Carrying on s from the crossroads take the second left dead end after the crossroads and park in the car park there. Walk up the bank and then along to the hide birding along the way.

This is a very large reservoir situated only a short 6 miles inland from Donna Nook reserve on the coast. It therefore attracts a great variety of waterfowl including many sea ducks, mainly in winter. In some places around the reservoir there are patches of woodland and old hedgerows which are also worth a look for passerines.

On visiting this area as well as birding Donna Nook and here it is also well worth a look at the nearby small round concrete Toft Newton reservoir situated to west of Covenham. This reservoir is good in winter for grebes and divers but is especially good for Smew. 

Author: BSG