NORFOLK (Norwich), ()

 National Grid TF884428 00o00´/00o00´ c.1250ha, 10m, deer park, mixed woodland and grassland with lake and reedbed 
Anytime (15-16.05.93)


Birding Site Guide

Also search BSG with ‘Norfolk’ for other sites nearby, or by a species, as there are many good birding sites in the county. The North Norfolk Coast runs past here (see account on BSG).

Access is off the A149 in Holkham, the N turning (Lady Ann’s Drive) for the NNR or S turning opposite for the hall. The NNR has unrestricted access. Permits are required for the hall from the Estate’s Office (Holkham), but there are open days in summer. This deer park and hall lays on the S side of the A149 just W of Well next the Sea. There are minor roads around and tracks through the park. Productive areas for birding are the path near the lake.


Birds seen

  • Little Grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis
  • Eurasian Teal Anas crecca
  • Common Pochard Aythya ferina
  • Egyptian Goose Alopochen aegyptiaca intro'
  • Black-tailed Godwit Limosa limosa NR
  • Common Greenshank Tringa nebularia
  • Sand Martin Riparia riparia
  • Pied/White Wagtail Motacilla alba
  • Song Thrush Turdus philomelos
  • Greater Whitethroat Sylvia communis
  • European Robin Erithacus rubecula
  • Long-tailed Tit Aegithalos caudatus
  • Eurasian Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula
  • Yellowhammer Emberiza citrinella

Author: BSG