National Grid TA 183468 00o11´W/53o54´N 231ha 10m, depth 1 to 4 metres,

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Birding Site Guide

Hornsea Mere is Yorkshire’s largest natural freshwater lake and is immediately to the west of Hornsea 1 km inland, it is 2 miles (3.2 km) long, ¾ mile (c.1km) and 4 m at its deepest point. Besides the wildlife attraction visitors come for water sport and fishing.

Birds include a wide range of water birds and this can include seabirds, particularly sea ducks, grebes and divers in winter. The scrub attracts migrants and is well worth checking during migration. The site is a SPA a because of its swamp and fen communities. Internationally important numbers of Gadwall winter (c.300). For more information and an idea of species seen try Hull Valley Wildlife Group: Hornsea


Author: BSG