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Jack Snipe x 3, Lower Derwent Valley late October 2010 (Steve Hiner)

Jack Snipe x 3, Lower Derwent Valley late October 2010 (Steve Hiner)

Jack Snipe, Lower Derwent Valley late October 2010(Steve Hiner)







Jack Snipe, Lower Derwent Valley late October 2010 (Steve Hiner) 





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Protected/registered status none 
Spring and autumn passage (many visits)


Birding Site Guide

From the A19 to York, turn off N of Selby onto the A163 towards North Duffield, then take the left turning onto the B1228 towards Skipwith Common (which is also worth birding). Go through Skipwith village and over the junction, taking the next right towards Thornganby and Wheldrake. There is a small signed car park, with concealed entrance on the E side of the road.

Alternatively stay on the A163 past the B1228 turn-off and head towards Bubwith, but before you reach here you will reach the river and before the river is a car park on the right (N) side of the road. This is the parking area for North Duffield Carrs, and there are 2 hides here overlooking seasonally flooded meadows.

To bird the other side (E) of the river, go along the A163 towards North Duffield and continue past, and turn left onto the B1228, follow this to a turning on a minor road to East Cottingwith, there is access to the meadows and river there at several areas. Or continue on the A163 to Bubwith and use the footpath near the church. Following the minor road S towards the villages of Breighton and Wressle to the A63, gives many opportunities to park (where it is safe) and bird the meadows and river bank. 

For Pocklington Canal; continue N on B1228 past the turning for East Cottingwith village and follow this road towards Sutton Upon Derwent, just before reaching the village the road crosses the canal, here there is a car park (sign says Canal Head), and there is a towpath heading S along the canal until it joins the River Derwent at East Cottingwith. 

For longer stays it is possible to bird the Pocklington Canal from Canal Head N of the B1228 to Kexby on the A1079, using the public footpath on the E side of the canal, and this can even be followed past the town of Stamford Bridge (at viaduct) right up to Buttercrambe.

Noteworthy birds of the area are the tiny population of Corncrakes, chance of Bitterns, Common Quail and scarce farmland birds such as Tree Sparrow, Corn Bunting and Grey Partridge. The area is a good place to see Barn Owls, Common Kingfisher and hear Eurasian Curlews during the breeding season. Many species of marsh and water bird are found throughout this area. 

Species Notes 

In all --- species of bird have so far been recorded. 

Other Fauna 
A total of -- species of mammals. 

There are -- recorded species of amphibians and reptiles. 


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