SOUTH YORKSHIRE (Doncaster), (E)

National Grid SE 6090 0371 0o0´/0o0´ N/A 68ha 8m, medium size wood with ponds 
Local nature reserve 
Anytime, autumn and spring especially (many visits)


Birding Site Guide

Access is from the A18, (or the M18 via Armthorpe junction 4) then following Leger Way towards the race course. Just before the main racecourse building is an entrance track past the new paddocks which goes back parallel to the road and to the small car park at the wood. Entry is free. 

This is a varied wood in both species of tree and age range, with some trees over 170 years old. There is oak and Scots Pine, Sycamores, Holly, Limes and Sweet Chestnut as well as other species. The woodland is crisscrossed with drains and to the ne at least there are areas of fen influence and some ponds. The woodland is noted for birds such as Nuthatch, all three woodpeckers and formerly Common Nightingale, which sadly no longer occurs at any of its former Doncaster sites except Thorne Moors (see account on BSG; The Humberhead Peatlands NNR). There are many paths through the wood and in the centre tables etc. 

Author: BSG