TEPUIS MOUNTAINS ENDEMICS Biome Endemics and Near-Endemics List 


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BENES lists are unique to BSG and were created for the website. 


This list contains all species endemic to or difficult to find outside of, this ecoregion. They differ importantly from Endemic Bird Areas because the size of the area they cover is the whole ecoregion, whereas EBA are restricted to 50,000km2, they furthermore not only include all endemic species but also all other species which are difficult to observe outside the individual biomes (this naturally includes near-endemics and any other more widespread threatened or near-threatened species). This was quite deliberately done to provide ready-made lists for birders of all scarce species they could expect to see in the region.


Altitude range m

  • Hoary-throated Spinetail Synallaxis kollari Endemic Endangered below 800
  • Tepui Spinetail Cranioleuca demissa 1100-2450
  • Roraiman Barbtail Roraimia adusta 1000-2500
  • Streak-backed Antshrike Thamnophilus insignis 900-2000
  • Roraiman Antwren Herpsilochmus roraimae 900-2000
  • Rio Branco Antbird Cercomacra carbonaria Endemic Vulnerable below 800
  • Caura Antbird Percnostola caurensis to 1300
  • Tepui Antpitta Myrmothera simplex 600-2400
  • Rose-collared Piha Lipaugus streptophorus 1000-1800
  • Olive Manakin Chloropipo uniformis 800-2100
  • Scarlet-horned Manakin Pipra cornuta 900-1600
  • Tepui Manakin Lepidothrix suavissima 500-1400
  • Great Elaenia Elaenia dayi 1500-2600
  • Black-fronted Tyrannulet Phylloscartes nigrifrons 900-1800
  • Chapman's Bristle-Tyrant Phylloscartes chapmani 1000-2000
  • Ruddy Tody-Flycatcher Poecilotriccus russatus 1200-2500
  • Tepui Greenlet Hylophilus sclateri 600-2000
  • White-faced Redstart Myioborus albifacies 900-2250
  • Guaiquinima Redstart Myioborus cardonai 1200-1600
  • Tepui Redstart Myioborus castaneocapillus 1200-2200
  • Olive-backed Tanager Mitrospingus oleagineus 900-1800
  • Scaled Flowerpiercer Diglossa duidae 1400-2300
  • Greater Flowerpiercer Diglossa major 1300-2800
  • Duida Grass-Finch Emberizoides duidae 1300-2100
  • Golden-tufted Grackle Macroagelaius imthurni 500-2000

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Author: B.P. Wainwright