SE59o09´/00o05´ (national grid SE452278) ha grass, marsh and reedbeds and lakes (formed by coal mining subsidence) with woodland and scrub. to industrial site. 
Protected/registered status 

Best Time for visit (1981 to present)

Birding Site Guide

This reserve is situated immediately w of the A1 just n (5 miles) of Castleford. Coming off the A1 follow the signs along the minor road to Newton that forms the n edge of the reserve. There are 2 car parks along here, one of which has a visitor centre and other RSPB facilities such as shop, toilets and there is a walk with several hides. A boardwalk has wheelchair access. The reserve located as it is alongside the river confluence of the River Calder with the River Aire forms an excellent migration point for birds following the Humber dispersing to the Pennines. Alongside the reserve are spoil mounds from the colliery, which with their sparse cover attract migrant and local moving upland species. The waterways are excellent for Kingfisher, and more open areas for wintering geese and swans as well as large numbers of ducks, especially at the feeding area. Telephone: 01977 603796.


Other Fauna 
A total of -- species of mammals. 

There are -- recorded species of amphibians and reptiles. 


Author: BSG