54o13´05´´N/0o16´35´´W (N/A)ha 45m coastal limestone cliffs with grass Anytime, passage best 
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Birding Site Guide

A little further n of Flamborough and Bempton is the seaside resort of Filey. The best birding is at North Cliff Country Park, where the Wolds Way and Cleveland Way long distance paths meet along the cliff tops. To reach Filey, follow the B1229 north then the A165 for about 12 miles in all from Flamborough, turn off e onto the A1039 (Muston Road) and follow the road into town over the railway crossing. At the roundabout go left and follow to the next roundabout. Go right here and as the road starts to bend take the left turn towards the coast and the country park. At the entrance, pay for your parking and drive to the cafe to park. You can continue past the cafe and park closer to the cliff edge near the brigg if you want.

From the cafe there is a wooded ravine that heads towards the cliff, this is Arndale Ravine and is always worth a look. Behind the cafe, is a line of trees and bushes running from the entrance gate to the brigg. On the far side is a path running along it and the field edge, which can be accessed from either end.

From the entrance it is also possible to head E along the aptly named Ravine Road. This road has mature trees up its steep sides, and around the church yard should be checked as well.

The brigg can be seen from the car park and cafe. Just head to the cliffs a couple of hundred metres away. It is possible to walk along the top or the paths from the beach at the base to the far end, the brigg is 1.6km long, and at the far end there is a sea-watching hide. Alternatively instead of heading out along the brigg, go along the paths at the top of the cliffs heading n (approximately) towards totem pole field. The rough grass fields on top of the cliffs here are good in winter for rarer buntings and larks. Between the car park and the ‘dump’ at the fields on the n side of town is the best area for birding. It is possible to continue along the long distance cliff top paths for many miles.


Species Notes 
In all .. species of bird have so far been recorded. 

Other Fauna 
A total of 00 species of mammals. 

There are 00 recorded species of amphibians and reptiles. 

Over 00 plant species recorded. 

Author: BSG