CUMBRIA (Carlisle), (WSW)

National Grid NY 218529 00o00´/00o00´ N/A ha 13m, mainly meadows and hedges with arable fields also 
October-March especially for geese (09.03.08)


Birding Site Guide

The area can be reached from Carlisle in half an hour by travelling west on the B5307 to Kirkbride, the same road can be followed around the western edge of the Natural England reserve. Or the road south through Bridekirk can be followed along its east edge. At the crossroads by the pub it is possible to turn west along the south edge and this is a good road from which to view the area. Just before the crossroads is another turning west along a dead end lane to Wedholme hill and this is a good area to view from also, though the hill is a misnomer as it is only a couple of metres above the surrounding flattish ground. 

This is an excellent area to observe winter geese, with several thousand present each winter. They comprise mainly Pink-footed Geese and fewer Barnacle Geese. In amongst them are often odd individuals of rarer species. On our visit we saw a Greenland Whitefronted Goose then a Ross’s Goose. 

Other than geese there are the usual farmland species and usually plenty of gulls. 

Author: BSG